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Vision and Values

Our vision

To improve the care of patients through advances in medical education research...
Our goal is to be a pre-eminent research enterprise in medical education and to play an instrumental role in shaping the professional development of 21st-century physicians.

Who we are
ISTEP is a community of educators, researchers, clinicians and administrators from across the medical education continuum who are dedicated to transforming the environment in which physicians learn to care for patients from one that is opinion-based to one that is grounded in sound evidence.

What we believe
ISTEP's greatest commitment, as members of and stakeholders in the learned profession of medicine, is to the health and well-being of patients and the public.

We believe:

  • The medical profession has an obligation to ensure that all physicians are competent and compassionate.
  • Continuous, rigorous evaluation of medical education and the education of all health professionals is essential to quality, patient-centered care.
  • Society, as beneficiary of the profession's commitment to serve, has a responsibility to invest the resources necessary for building an effective educational system.

How we succeed
By working together in a spirit of collaboration and collegiality, and acknowledging that diverse opinions are certain to exist within any group of thinkers dedicated to discovery, we recognize the vital importance of cooperation and consensus to realizing our vision.

We succeed when the products of our research endeavors, adopted by the medical profession, enhance the health and enrich the lives of the patients we serve.