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GME Question of the Month

Similar to the former GME e-Letter, AMA MedEd Update often features a "Question of the Month" on a timely topic in graduate medical education, to which readers are encouraged to respond.

Note: The views expressed here are not necessarily endorsed by the AMA.

Are medical school graduates being denied residency training?

Is the science of medicine superseding the art?

Accreditation of foreign medical schools-good idea, or not?

What do you think about the proposed 2011 ACGME duty hour standards?

Include at-home call in the 80-hour limit?

Is it a "nap?"Or a "break?"

How do we fix medical education?

Can the profession effectively self-regulate residents' duty hours?

Will students with a free medical education choose primary care?

How can we re-engineer health care?

What are the costs of duty hour limits?

What do you think about the IOM report on duty hours?

What is your experience with at-home call?

Are primary care physicians an endangered species?

Why is "preventative" medicine disrespected?

Re-entry to physician workforce problematic

How does Pharma influence affect professionalism?

Are today's physicians less satisfied than in the past?

Do you provide exercise facilities for your residents?

Has medicine lost its compassion and humanism?

Do we need more physicians or efficient health care?

How do we address the geriatric care crisis?

Keep GME funding free of pharma influence