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Modify Your Listing

To view your program's listing:

All users of FREIDA Online who want to search for programs and institutions must have an AMA account; however, anyone can have an AMA account. You can use the account for modifying your program's information (see below) or you can create your own personal account and sign in. Once signed in, go to the FREIDA Online Search page and enter the program's ACGME 10-digit program identifier in the box provided to view your program's listing.

To modify your program's listing or change the program's password:

You can modify the basic information on FREIDA Online, such as the name of the program director or contact person, or change the program's password, by clicking on the links below. Submitted information will be reviewed before the change appears. 

You will need a username and password; the username is the ACGME 10-digit program identifier and the password was assigned to you by the AMA. If you have ANY questions about your username and password, contact FREIDA Online directly by emailing freida@ama-assn.org.

Change basic program information.

Change program password.

If you need to make changes to your program's expanded information that appears on FREIDA Online, e-mail freida@ama-assn.org with the changes and include your 10-digit program ID.