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State Legislative Activities

State medical liability reforms (MLR) are essential to ensure that patients do not lose access to physicians and have access to a full range of health care services. States vary considerably in terms of their existing laws; political, judicial, and legal climates; and MLR market characteristics.
Activity in the States

State laws chart I  
50 state summary of medical liability reform laws, including caps on non-economic damages, joint liability reform, collateral source reform limit on attorney contingency fees, periodic payment of damages

State laws chart II  
50 state summary of medical liability reform laws, including arbitration and pretrial screening panels, expert witnesses, certificate of merit, and statute of limitations

State Laws Summary: Caps on Damages  
Summary of state laws establishing a cap on non-economic damages, including legal challenges to these laws

Apology Inadmissibility State Laws  
50 state summary of apology inadmissibility statutes

State medical liability insurance mandates
Summary of state laws requiring physicians to have medical liability insurance.

Activity in the Courts

Constitutional challenges to caps on damages  
Summary, by state, of challenges to noneconomic damages caps case law

Issue Briefs

State Model Legislation

Write to advocacy.resourcecenter@ama-assn.org to request copies of the listed state model legislation and issue briefs by e-mail or fax.

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