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Medical Liability Reform

To preserve patients' access to care and help reduce health care costs, the AMA will continue to lead an aggressive, multi-year campaign to reduce medical liability premiums and to fix the broken medical liability system for both patients and physicians:

  • At the federal level, the AMA is urging Congress to pass MICRA-like reforms, including a $250,000 cap on non-economic damages, and providing funding for state-based pilot programs to develop promising alternative reforms, such as health courts, administrative determination of compensation, early offers, and safe harbors for the practice of evidence-based medicine.
  • At the state level, the AMA is collaborating with state medical associations to pursue traditional medical liability reforms, as well as assisting states as they investigate and implement promising alternative reforms. The AMA is also working with state medical associations to defend previously enacted reform laws as they are challenged in legislatures and the courts.

AMA Medical Liability PolicyRequires Login  
AMA House of Delegates Medical Liability Policies and AMA House of Delegates Medical Liability Directives

Litigation Center - MLR related cases
Information on the Litigation Center's activities to defend medical liability reforms in the courts

Federal Legislative Activities
Medical liability reforms are essential to ensure that patients do not lose access to physicians and a full range of health care services

State Legislative Activities
The Advocacy Resource Center's medical liability reform (MLR) campaign materials include summaries of state MLR laws, legislative activity and communications material

Health Policy
Includes the AMA's research on medical liability.

Medical Liability Reform - Now!PDF FIle
Compendium of research and advocacy information on medical liability reform