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Getting the most for our health care dollars

Strategies to address rising health care costs

A critical evaluation of health care costs is an important component of any discussion of US health system reform. US health care spending far outpaces that of other industrialized countries, and while there is some debate about whether US health care is "worth" the extra money, there is widespread agreement that there are areas in which the US can do a better job managing health care costs.

Policymakers and the public want to know the same thing: Are we as individuals and as a country getting the most for our health care dollars?

The AMA is committed to promoting the responsible use of health care dollars, by identifying opportunities to reduce the rate of growth in health care spending, while simultaneously improving health outcomes and quality of care.

A new series of publications by the AMA - Getting the most for our health care dollars: Strategies to address rising health care costs highlights specific topics and actions that can help move the health care system in a direction that aligns costs and benefits in ways that make sense.

AMA white papers on strategies to reduce health care costs

Strategies to Address Rising Health Care CostsPDF FIle

Access to CarePDF FIle

Health Care QualityPDF FIle

Prevention and WellnessPDF FIle

Physician PaymentPDF FIle

Variation in Health Care Delivery and UtilizationPDF FIle

Health Information TechnologyPDF FIle

Medical Liability ReformPDF FIle

Comparative Effectiveness ResearchPDF FIle

Administrative Costs of Health Care CoveragePDF FIle

Program IntegrityPDF FIle

Shared Decision-MakingPDF FIle

Long-Term CarePDF FIle