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Point-of-Care Pricing Toolkit

Physician practice bad-debt is often largely based on the inability to collect from patients after they have left the office.  As a result, the AMA recommends that practices avoid this lost revenue by receiving patient payment at the time of service.

By implementing an effective system of collecting payment from patients at the time of service – before they walk out of the door – your practice can:

  • reduce accounts receivable,
  • increase cash flow,
  • save money by reducing billing and back-end collection costs,
  • decrease administrative burdens associated with tracking and writing off bad patient debt,
  • effectively manage the growing portion of practice revenue generated from patient payments, and
  • maintain or improve its financial viability.

The AMA’s POC Pricing Toolkit provides you with the resources you need to implement POC pricing in your practice.  These tools will help you collect what patients owe at the time of service, from providing you with the basic steps needed to start a POC pricing program to guiding you through pricing calculations and challenging conversations with patients. 

Follow these steps in order to use POC pricing in your practice

This resource details a 7-step process that will enable practices to transition to POC pricing for their patients.

Learn how to calculate the price of treatment at the POC

This resource provides information on how to determine the proper amount to collect from patients before they leave the office.

Prepare staff to talk to patients about their financial responsibilities and collect at the POC

This resource provides information and sample scripts for discussing patient financial responsibilities with patients when using a system of collecting at the time of service.

Use this sample language to interact with health plans before collecting at the POC

View the sample template letter directed to health insurers and other payers for inquiries concerning the terms & conditions of your insurance contracts as they relate to your right to provide POC pricing and collect payments at the time of care.

Listen to these archived webinars on patient payment at the time of service

Access the following archived webinars to help your practice learn how to collect payment from patients at the point of care.

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