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Electronic Referral Requests Toolkit

Save money, reduce tedium, and improve service with electronic referral requests
How much time and money does your practice devote to manually asking payers to approve referrals to other physicians, hospitals and other health facilities? How much time does your staff spend on the phone with payers, faxing referrals and filling out forms? If your answer is “too much,” electronic referrals may be the solution. By adopting this method, your practice can:

  • Save thousands of dollars per physician every year
  • Submit referrals and document responses more quickly and accurately
  • Provide faster, more convenient service for your patients
  • Apply your staff’s valuable time and energy to revenue-enhancing activities


Cost of handling paper referral requests: $8.30 x 1,000 = $8,300
Cost of handling EDI referral authorization: $2.07 x 1,000 = $2,070

Average annual savings from referral request automation per physician: ≈$6,230*

* Based on an annual average of 1,000 electronic referrals submitted for a single physician. Source: Milliman, Inc., “Electronic Transaction Savings Opportunities for Physician Practices.” Technology and Operations Solutions. Revised: Jan. 2006