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National Managed Care Contract

The AMA’s National Managed Care Contract (NMCC) is designed to comply with the managed care laws of all 50 states and the District of Columbia, as well as with federal requirements. The comprehensive information it provides covers the business relationship between physicians and managed care organizations. Using the NMCC, physicians can better understand, evaluate and negotiate managed care contracts. The information provided by the AMA is not intended as legal advice.

Watch a five-minute instructional video that provides a high-level overview of the NMCC database functionality and how to navigate the tool.

Access the NMCC Database
Use this database to search and compare: model contract language, issue briefs on important managed care topics, AMA policy and the full text of all state and federal managed care laws.

How the NMCC database helps physicians
As with all contracts or legal issues, physicians should consult a lawyer with experience representing physicians before signing a managed care contract. Physicians, along with their attorneys, can use the information captured in the NMCC database to inform their review and negotiation of managed care contracts to ensure that those contracts are fair and compliant with state and federal regulations. The NMCC database also can be used as a reference tool after the contract is signed. See more ways in which the NMCC database can help you.

How the NMCC database helps physician advocates
The NMCC database can keep physician advocates up to date on legislative and regulatory trends and activities that may affect the physician practice. The database is a regularly updated, easy-to-search, invaluable reference tool for advocates who want to ensure their physician clients are fairly treated in their business relationship with managed care organizations. Learn more ways in which the tool can assist physician advocates.

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