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Physician-Led Team Based Care

As millions obtain health insurance and can access ongoing health care, the American Medical Association supports physician-led health care teams that ensure health care professionals work together to meet the surge in demand. The AMA is working to ensure sustainable physician practices that result in better health outcomes for patients, and having more physician-led health care teams will help us achieve these goals.

New health care delivery system reforms hinge on a team-based approach to care. In the physician-led team approach, each member of the team plays a critical role in delivering efficient, accurate, and cost-effective care to patients. With seven years or more of postgraduate education and thousands of hours of clinical experience, physicians are uniquely qualified to lead the health care team. Physicians, physician assistants, nurses, and other health care professionals have long worked together to meet patient needs for a reason: the physician-led team approach to care works.

Below is a sampling of the state advocacy tools that exist related to this campaign. Please contact Kristin Schleiter, JD, Senior Legislative Attorney for additional information.