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Health Policy

The Health Policy Group leads the development of AMA policy on key delivery and payment reform issues (e.g., health insurance market regulation, Medicare and Medicaid reform, health insurance exchanges) and through the Council on Medical Service prepares 12-15 reports annually to the AMA House of Delegates on such issues. AMA socioeconomic policy is readily available via Policy Finder.

The Group conducts economic analyses and develops advocacy resources (e.g., charts, graphs, budget scoring analyses) to enhance the credibility and effectiveness of focused AMA federal and private sector advocacy efforts (e.g., Medicare/SGR reform; medical liability reform, antitrust reform), and undertakes independent policy research to produce unique AMA advocacy resources on delivery and payment reform issues, such as the AMA’s Competition in Health Insurance study and AMA Policy Research Perspectives, for use by AMA and Federation leaders, physicians and policymakers.

The Group works to help physicians increase practice efficiency and reduce the burden that administrative tasks place on workload and revenue through administrative simplification initiatives, including the representation of physician interests in national standard development organizations, the creation of resources to help physicians utilize advancements in administrative simplification, the development of advocacy materials promoting improved efficiencies in the claims revenue cycle, and the engagement of the Federation of Medicine to identify and address systemic issues related to claims and payment.

Finally, the Group manages and provides principal staff and logistical support to the AMA/Specialty Society RVS Update Committee (RUC), which involves the input of 122 national medical specialty societies and serves as the voice of organized medicine by making recommendations to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on the relative values of physician services pursuant to the Medicare Physician Payment Schedule.