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AMA Health Workforce Mapper

Looking to pinpoint underserved patient care areas?

The AMA’s Health Workforce Mapper builds customized models that helps physicians and policymakers to make fact-based decisions about their state’s health care workforce. Take advantage of this new tool.

AMA Advocacy News

$840 million will fund improved care via new clinical networks

CMS' new Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative will help create improved clinical networks.

Tsunami of penalties looms over practices

Physicians providing care to Medicare patients could face a “tsunami” of regulatory penalties over the next 10 years, potentially seeing payments cut by more than 13 percent by the end of the decade.

10 top states where health insurers dominate

An annual analysis revealed the 10 most and least competitive states among health insurers. Find out where your state ranks.

HCPs now controlled substances schedule II

The Drug Enforcement Administration's final rule rescheduling hydrocodone combination products (HCPs) took effect Oct. 6. Learn more (log in) about the changes.