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Frustrated with your EHR?

Frustrated with your EHR?

Share your practice’s stories about electronic health records (EHRs) and meaningful use. Contact your members of Congress about halting stage 3 of meaningful use until the program is fixed.

AMA Advocacy News

CMS to make ICD-10 transition less disruptive for physicians

CMS and the AMA recently announced efforts to help providers get ready for ICD-10. Learn more at AMA Wire®.

What physicians can do to stop the opioid abuse epidemic

Each day, 44 people in the United States are dying from an opioid overdose, leaving no community untouched. But there are things physicians can do to help stop this epidemic.

Frustrated with EHRs? Share your story

Many physicians are extremely dissatisfied with their EHR systems and frustrated by the meaningful use program. Share your stories about EHRs and meaningful use, and contact your members of Congress at BreakTheRedTape.org.

Get up to speed on telemedicine

Listen to a short podcast on the current and future state of telemedicine and learn more at AMA Wire®.