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Physicians make an impact far beyond patient care.

They add to the economic health of the nation:

  • 13.8 jobs per physician
  • That's nearly 10 million jobs nationally

Learn more about job creation in your state

AMA Advocacy News

Sunshine Act reports to be released soon

Time is of the essence for physicians to review and dispute the data reported about them under the Sunshine Act. Learn more about the three steps physicians need to take in a free online toolkit from the AMA.

Rx painkiller overdoses a growing epidemic

46 people die from prescription drug overdoses every day, according to a new report from the CDC. Learn more about the report and the AMA’s comprehensive approach to combat this public health crisis in AMA Wire.

States begin creating physician registries for VA patients

Physicians are stepping into action in response to the access-to-care crisis for the nation’s veterans, offering their services until the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health care system can provide health care in a timely fashion. Two states already have developed physician registries. In addition, physicians at the 2014 AMA Annual Meeting voted earlier this month for multiple courses of action to address this crisis. Learn more in AMA Wire

Essential information on the Medicare claims data release

A new resource page from the AMA offers the essential information you need to know about the Medicare claims data release. The page offers the latest information about what’s included in the data, explains the limitations of the data set, and provides a handout and talking points for physicians who may need to respond to patient or media inquiries about their information.