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Is Your Doctor an AMA Member?

AMA Complete Medical Encyclopedia
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When doctors join the American Medical Association, they help support causes that affect your health—causes such as reducing infant mortality, improving access to care for minorities, halting childhood obesity, preventing substance abuse and stopping underage drinking.

In becoming your advocate, your physician gains access to cutting-edge clinical advances that help you get the best medical care available. Our publications, such as The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and Specialty journals, are widely recognized for propelling the state of medicine.

As a member of the nation's largest medical society, your doctor can spend less time worrying about administrative hassles and more time providing care. Our powerful presence in Washington, D.C., leverages your physician's support into positive change on a number of medical causes—causes that might otherwise distract your physician from the main task of caring for you and your family.

AMA members also promise to abide by the highest ethical standards for medicine—meaning our doctors commit to being professional, fair and compassionate to you, the patient.

Make sure the doctor you choose supports quality patient care and the very future of our nation's health. Choose an AMA-member physician or encourage your nonmember physician to join the AMA today.