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Payment and Delivery Reform Webinars

Fee-for-Value Reimbursements: The More Things Change, the More They Remain the Same

Speakers: Grace Terrell & Donald Liss

April 8, 2014 7-8 pm Eastern

There is much angst among physicians over what healthcare reforms will mean for their payments. Many wonder if physicians’ payments will be capitated or if they will be penalized for failure to achieve cost and quality targets while others wonder if their services will be valued at all in Fee-for-Value models.  Leading physician innovators will make the case that most new payment models will continue to rely on a modified FFS system to ensure that individual physicians are appropriately reimbursed.  Attendees will appreciate that the key innovations of global budgets and other new payment models is not a replacement of FFS, but rather, the ability to aggregate, analyze and use clinical and claims data in new ways that better enable them to control costs and moderate volume. Finally, understand how these innovations are giving a growing number of physicians the confidence to partner with other healthcare stakeholders in risk-based payment arrangements.

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