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Accelerating Change in Medical Education Student Discussion

The AMA has initiated a national discussion on narrowing the gap between medical education and the continuously changing health care landscape.

We invited medical students to brainstorm new ideas and comment on innovation in medical education. The following comments are some of the remarks that were tweeted and posted on Facebook.  We look forward to continuing the conversation with students, physicians, educators and the medical community.

Twitter Gamaliel J Roca: Start interdisciplinary work in medschool. Team simulations w/ nursing students, pharm students, PT/OT, etc. #ChangeMedEd

Twitter Paolo Spinetti: #ChangeMedEd like any other profession req'in competency. Apprenticeship based learning. Theory with large portion of training on the job

Twitter Julia Schulkers: Programs that integrate student-centered learning right up front and deviate from standard clsrm lecture are on the rt path.

Twitter The Art of Studying: Having real life situations where we use info learned in first two years helps with retention. #ChangeMedEd

Twitter The Art of Studying: Adjust Step 1 to be more clinically-oriented - allows schools to get students in clinical setting sooner. #ChangeMedEd

Twitter N. Pitaphoros: On 1st day of school pair each student with a clinical mentor who can give emotional support & career guidance #changemeded

Twitter traviscambronne: Putting more emphasis on educating students how to effectively utilize others within the hlthcare community #changemeded

Twitter The Art of Studying: Working with an interprofessional team in sim labs & clinical setting. Thanks @UToledo CoM! #ChangeMedEd

Facebook Benjamin Fedeles: I don't think there is any substitution for time, experience, and exposure…

Facebook Devon Taylor: …we must make adjustments for the rate of innovation and overall health care costs. We have to get better at our jobs, and this is where we start - day 1 of medical school.

Facebook Richard Bruno: The way I see it the first two years of med school need to be online standardized courses…Choose which hospital you want to rotate at for clerkships. Completely cut out fourth year. And just stay on or apply to another hospital for residency.

Facebook Jason Green: …as someone that will enter medical school next year that also worked over 10 years in surgery, it sure would be nice to go to a competency-based education. There is a dramatic difference from those that have already dedicated part of their lives to medicine prior to medical school than those that haven't.