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AMA Database Licensing

For more than 60 years, the AMA has made the AMA Physician Masterfile available to the health care community to serve the public good and medical industry. Today, the AMA has contractual arrangements with Database Licensees who specialize in a variety of health-related marketing services and research activities.

Users of the AMA Masterfile include hospitals, medical schools, pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment and supply companies, consultants, market research firms, insurance companies, and commercial organizations. To monitor compliance with AMA licensing agreements, the AMA reviews data requests received from Database Licensees on a daily basis.

AMA data licensing Privacy Notice
The AMA's official Privacy Notice regarding physician data and its distribution.

AMA's Physician Data Restriction Program (PDRP)
The PDRP allows physicians to restrict their prescribing information from pharmaceutical sales representatives. Physicians may also report a complaint about prescribing data use and/or tell a colleague about the program.

'No Contact' and 'No Release' forms
Physicians may place a request to add a "Do Not Contact" (DNC) or "Do Not Release" (DNR) restriction to their AMA Physician Masterfile record.

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