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AMA-YPS Assembly Meeting Service Opportunities

Before each AMA-YPS Assembly meeting, the Governing Council solicits Assembly volunteers to serve on convention committees. Assignments are made by the Governing Council chair. If you have questions or wish to be considered for a committee assignment, please e-mail the AMA-YPS.

Reference Committee

The AMA-YPS has one reference committee, and much of its work is done prior to the Assembly meeting. The committee is composed of five AMA-YPS representatives, one of whom is appointed the chair.

Responsibilities of the Reference Committee include:

  • In advance of the Assembly meeting, the review of testimony submitted on AMA-YPS reports and resolutions, along with staff comments and a synopsis of relevant AMA policy;
  • Participation in a pre-meeting committee conference call, scheduled for Thursday, June 2, to recommend AMA-YPS action for each AMA-YPS report and resolution;
  • Developing consensus as a committee to accept or not accept "late" resolutions received after the resolution deadline;
  • Attendance at the AMA-YPS Business Meeting on Friday, June 10, during which the committee report is presented and the Assembly votes on AMA-YPS items of business.

Time Commitment:

  • The time required to review testimony regarding AMA-YPS items of business will depend on the number of reports and resolutions submitted to the Assembly.
  • The pre-meeting conference call on Thursday, June 2, during which preliminary committee recommendations will be formulated, is expected to last at least one hour.
  • Committee members must sit at the head table during discussion of the Reference Committee's report to the Assembly on Friday, June 10.

HOD Handbook Review Committee

AMA-YPS Handbook Review Committees are convened prior to each Assembly meeting to review the entire HOD Handbook. A minimum of two AMA-YPS representatives and one Governing Council member are assigned to review items of business referred to each HOD reference committee.

In advance of the Assembly meeting, committee members work with the AMA-YPS delegate and alternate delegate to:

  • Review a portion of the AMA-HOD handbook, and identify items of business that are relevant to the AMA-YPS;
  • For relevant items, propose an initial course of action for the AMA-YPS (active support, support, oppose, active oppose, monitor);
  • In a pre-meeting committee conference call, scheduled for noon Central time on Sunday, June 5, develop consensus on recommended AMA-YPS action for relevant HOD items of business

Time Commitment:

  • The time commitment for handbook review can be significant, depending on the number of reports and resolutions referred to one's assigned HOD reference committee. Staff will help the process by developing handbook review grids for each committee's review.
  • The pre-meeting conference call on Sunday, June 5, is expected to last up to two hours.
  • Committee Chairs must be available during discussion of the Assembly's HOD Handbook Review on Friday, June 10.

Credentials Committee

The Credentials Committee consists of four representatives, one of whom is appointed to chair the committee. Its main responsibilities are to:

  • Check-in and credential delegates to the AMA-YPS Assembly;
  • For individuals who have not pre-registered, determine their ability to be credentialed as voting delegates;
  • Take vote counts during the Assembly meeting upon the request of the AMA-YPS Chair;
  • Distribute, collect and count election ballots; and
  • Collect meeting evaluation forms.

The committee chair also issues a verbal report on the number of credentialed delegates in attendance.

Time Commitment:

  • Committee orientation is scheduled for 7 to 7:15 p.m. on Thursday, June 9.
  • Committee members must be available to credential delegates from 8:15 to 10:00 a.m. and from 1:15 to 1:30 p.m. on Friday, June 10.

Monitors for AMA House of Delegates Reference Committees

These key individuals "monitor" a specific AMA-HOD reference committee and bring back to the AMA-YPS caucus an analysis of selected items discussed during his/her assigned reference committee. This helps the AMA-YPS delegate and alternate delegate refine testimony on pending issues. By identifying early opposition to forthcoming AMA-YPS resolutions, the Section has time to develop strategies for overcoming objections as well as to get support from other delegations. Caucus members also may be requested to testify on behalf of the AMA-YPS, in the absence of the AMA-YPS delegate and alternate. Typically several volunteers and a Governing Council member are assigned to each AMA-HOD Reference Committee.

Time Commitment:

  • Must attend the AMA-YPS House of Delegates Caucus/Reference Committee Testimony Coordination on Friday, June 10, immediately following adjournment of AMA-YPS Assembly meeting.
  • Must attend HOD reference committee hearings on Sunday, June 12.