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Governing Council Elections

The AMA-YPS is currently accepting nominations for the following leadership positions on the AMA-YPS Governing Council:

  • Chair-elect, who will serve a three-year term: one year as Chair-elect, one year as Chair, and one year as Immediate Past Chair; and
  • Speaker, who will serve
  • Alternate Delegate, who will serve a two-year term.
  • Member At-large, who will serve a one-year term

Nomination forms were due June 1, 2013. After this date, nominations will be accepted only on June 14 during this year's AMA-YPS Annual Assembly Meeting. Terms of office will begin at the close of the Annual Meeting.

Visit the website for more information on AMA-YPS leadership opportunities. Additional information on positions and duties can be found in the AMA-YPS Internal Operating Procedures.

Candidate profiles, available for viewing below, will be posted to the website as nominations are received by the AMA-YPS. Delegates to the AMA-YPS will be sent a full set of candidate materials prior to the Annual Meeting.

AMA-YPS Governing Council Candidates

Chair-Elect – Nefertiti duPont, MD, MPH, FACOG

Chair-Elect – Nefertiti duPont, MD, MPH, FACOG

Buffalo, N.Y.
Endorsed by: Young Physicians Section of the Medical Society of the State of New York

Statement of Interest: I have been wrestling about what to say to you for the past two months. Should I give you an eloquent speech on how to move the YPS from "good to great" or do I encourage members to "lean in" as we seek to enhance the leadership opportunities for members in our section and increase participation in our assembly?

I understand the challenges facing the YPS. I've been there. I joined the AMA in 1995. I have served as Section III chair of the MSS and as a student representative on the AMA's Council on Medical Service. Later, I served as RFS chair of two different state medical societies and I have served on the California Medical Association’s Board of Trustees. Currently, I serve on the governing council of the Medical Society of the State of New York's YPS.

As chair of the YPS, I would like to focus on the core tenets of the AMA’s new five-year strategic plan unveiled last year. As young physicians, we are the future of the AMA. The AMA’s strategic plan seeks to do the following…

  • Improve health outcomes
  • Accelerate change in medical education
  • Enhance physician satisfaction and practice sustainability by shaping delivery and payment models

Focusing on these three core areas during my term as chair of the YPS, I will enhance the AMA's ability to deliver a clear, concise message to physicians at every career stage. Join me as we create a more vibrant and relevant YPS.

Sponsor’s Statement: I have served in many different aspects of organized medicine. I began my involvement during medical school as an alternate delegate to the medical student section in 1996. Through the friends and mentors I have met over the years, my involvement in organized medicine has steadily progressed. I have served on the AMA’s Council on Medical Service. I have served as chair of the Oklahoma State Medical Association’s Resident and Fellow Section and as chair of the California Medical Association’s Resident and Fellow Section.

The four years I spent as a gynecologic oncology fellow at the University of California-Irvine most shaped my understanding of public health. During the end of my fellowship training I had the opportunity to serve on the CMA’s Board of Trustees as the resident and fellow representative and it was my participation on this board that challenged my understanding of my role as a physician in the health of patients so I decided to pursue additional education in public health and public policy.

Following a nontraditional path, I delayed fulltime employment to get a Master in Public Health degree at the Gillings’ School of Global Public Health at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It was at UNIC that my passion for public policy and public health was refined and molded. I now return to the AMA much more knowledgeable of the issues facing physicians and with a better understanding on how to improve health care for all Americans.

Chair-Elect – Michael Hanak, MD, FAAFP

Chair-Elect – Michael Hanak, MD, FAAFP

Chicago, Ill.

Statement of Interest: Ten years ago I remember joining the AMA and attending my first meeting, fascinated by how many like-minded people I met, and how much passion was shared for making positive change for the patients we serve. I eagerly participated in the legislative process, and met wonderful colleagues who not only introduced me to the work of the AMA, but also to the bigger picture of what medicine can look like when all the pieces fit together. That first meeting continues to inspire and motivate me, and is one of many stories of this organization that has led me to run for chair-elect of the YPS.

Continuous involvement in the AMA has helped shape me as a physician and as a leader. Having been engaged in multiple ways at the local, state, and national levels, both as a family physician and as a member of the AMA, I feel confident and empowered to lead the YPS. While we are only beginning our careers, I have seen first-hand the degree of influence we carry among the many groups and professional organizations we represent. Our voice in the future of healthcare has never been as important as it is today. My goal as chair-elect (beyond ongoing support for our chairperson and Governing Council) is to focus and enhance our vision in a way that brings about better collaboration and communication. We are the future of medicine, and I aim to help us prove it.

Chair-Elect – Alan Klitzke, MD, FACNM

Chair-Elect – Alan Klitzke, MD, FACNM

Buffalo, N.Y.
Endorsed by: The Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, American College of Nuclear Medicine

Statement of Interest: My engagement with organized medicine began in 1990 when I attended a meeting of the AMA-MSS. Since then, I have attended 28 more meetings of the AMA and 9 meetings of state medical society HODs in 3 different states. This extensive involvement has reinforced the concept that one united opinion presented by a collective is more powerful and persuasive than the most articulate one from an individual. I also bring leadership experiences in specialty organizations HODs, prior Council BOD service and as current SNMMI Chapter President.

I'm proud of milestones achieved during prior offices. At the University of Illinois College of Medicine there were students questioning the wisdom of the COM Senior Comprehensive Examination. As President of the campus medical student government, I gathered a variety of compelling ideas about how to change its timing or tradition. I rigorously surveyed students, generating a majority consensus. For more than a year, I faithfully represented the student majority view in meetings with authors and administrators of the examination, while reserving my own. This resulted in the 1994 UICCOM permanent discontinuation of the SCE. This is the patient, collaborative and faithful representation that I believe in.

An organization that is flexible and evolves along with its membership remains vital and relevant, growing in strength, credibility and recognition. That is what I want for our Section, and ultimately what we want for our AMA. Before I age out of the section, I would like to give the AMA-YPS the benefits of these substantive experiences and skills.

Member At-Large – Jesse Ehrenfeld, MD, MPH

Member At-Large – Jesse Ehrenfeld, MD, MPH

Nashville, Tenn.
Endorsed by: American Society of Anesthesiologists

Statement of Interest: I am seeking an additional one year term in order to complete work on the mentorship program. I am also particularly interested in working with the other members of the Governing Council to improve three areas during this year: (1) The structure and format of our annual and interim meetings, (2) The communication and activity level of our section between meetings, and (3) The development of our next generation of physician leaders within and outside of the AMA.

Sponsor’s Statement: Having previously served on the YPS Governing Council (as Member-at-Large), and as the current Speaker of my state medical society (Massachusetts), I am running for re-election to the YPS-GC for an additional 1 year term. During my current term, I have worked hard to bring the mentorship program to fruition, and looking forward to bringing my experience and enthusiasm back to the YPS Governing Council. I know that we a tremendous opportunity to leverage the talent of our members within the YPS and hope to help move our section to the next level.

Member At-Large – Christopher Hancock, MD

Member At-Large – Christopher Hancock, MD

Palm Desert, Calif.
Endorsed by: California Medical Association, Riverside County Medical Association

Statement of Interest: I have been active in organized medicine having attended 20+ AMA annual and interim meetings as a delegate to the RFS and YPS. Involvement with the Dade County Medical Association (DCMA) and Florida Medical Association (FMA) included positions of DCMA RFS Board Councilor, FMA alternate delegate to the AMA HOD, FMA AMA RFS delegate, FMA RFS Vice Chair, and FMA RFS Chair. Most recent involvement through the California Medical Association (CMA) and Riverside County Medical Association (RCMA) include placement as Board Councilor of the RCMA and election to CMA YPS delegate to the AMA. Serving on several reference committees at the AMA YPS and AMA HOD level and many appointed committees at the DCMA, FMA, and RCMA level over the past decade have been incredibly educational.

Pursuit of the position of member at large is to contribute back to the AMA through the experience gained from all past and current mentorship graciously imparted. Specifically the purpose for the member at large Governing Council (GC) position is to help the GC leadership to achieve their project goals which should comprise the bulk of service time. One leadership contribution that I would like to make in addition to those designated by the GC leadership is to extend the AMA YPS presence through social networking and search engine optimization strategies. It would be my honor to serve on behalf of the AMA YPS primarily to accomplish GC project goals and increase our AMA YPS guided influence.

Alternate Delegate – Hilary E. Fairbrother, MD, MPH

Alternate Delegate – Hilary E. Fairbrother, MD, MPH

New York, N.Y.
Medical Society of the State of New York, Young Physicians Section of the Medical Society of the State of New York, American College of Emergency Physicians

Statement of Interest: My name is Hilary Fairbrother, and I am asking for your vote for the office of AMA-YPS Alternate Delegate.

I have worked to become your representative for the last three and a half years. I have served on numerous reference committees (state and national level) and handbook review committees, all with the goal of getting as much experience as possible so that I can better serve the YPS. I have read hundreds of pages of policy, helped write state and national policy, all while working for the YPS at the regional, state, and national level.

I have a strong desire to serve the YPS delegation to the HOD. I want to continue the work achieved by prior delegates to engage the YPS in AMA HOD business. I truly believe that the best way to serve the section is through the increased involvement of our members.

My goal as Alternate Delegate is to assist YPS members with limited time to read and study the vast number of HOD resolutions. I believe that your Alternate Delegate and Delegate act as a filter, finding the proposed resolutions that are most germane to the YPS. Using email and on-site meeting communications, we can effectively engage the YPS membership. Using our combined experience and expertise, we can continue to strengthen the section, the AMA, and our profession. I want to maintain the "Top Ten List" (top ten resolutions involving the YPS) for each meeting, and create other resources for our membership.

Finally, I want to continue and expand the YPS members who testify on behalf of our section on the floor of the AMA HOD. We best represent ourselves when our representation is as varied as our section membership. I believe that your current leadership has done a wonderful job engaging other YPS members who serve as HOD Delegates and Alternate Delegates and I want to continue this effort.

Please support me in my efforts to become your next Alternate Delegate. I have worked hard to prepare myself for this role, and I promise to serve you diligently and excellently.

Sponsor’s Statement: The Young Physicians Section of the Medical Society of the State of New York is very pleased to strongly endorse the candidacy of Hilary Fairbrother, MD, MPH, for the YPS Alternate Delegate to the American Medical Association.

Dr. Fairbrother, an EM Attending at New York Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn, where she specializes in ultrasound and pediatrics, has been an extremely active and outstanding leader in organized medicine since her student days. Highlights of her number past positions include: recipient of AMA Foundation National Leadership Conference award to medical students; Officer at Large of AMA MSS, where she developed and led efforts of the National Service Project; Resident and Fellow member on AMA CEJA; AMA RFS Parliamentary Procedure Committee Chair; YPS Handbook Review Committee; and ACEP Ethics Committee liaison with AMA. She has attended every AMA meeting since becoming a member of the YPS.

As MSSNY, Dr. Fairbrother is currently our YPS Vice Chair, a YPS Delegate to AMA YPS, and an active member of our Employed Physicians Committee. She has recently served as YPS Secretary, YPS Delegate to the 2013 MSSNY HOD, and YPS Delegate to AMA YPS 2010-12.

We also note that Dr. Fairbrother is presently liaison for the Membership and Marketing Branch of AMA, coordinating efforts to increase membership and involvement of young physicians. This is indicative of her strong belief and actions towards reaching out, identifying, and involving young physicians as future leaders of both the state and national organizations.

Speaker – Spiro G. Spanakis, DO

Speaker – Spiro G. Spanakis, DO

Worcester, Mass.
Endorsed by: Massachusetts Medical Society, Committee on Young Physicians

Statement of Interest: As I enter my fifth year as a delegate in the American Medical Association’s Young Physicians section, I look forward to the opportunity to serve this House of Delegates as Speaker. I believe that that the AMA values our opinions and is looking to young physicians to voice their vision for the future as we enter a period of unprecedented reform in health care that will affect our practice and affect our patients in every aspect of their care.

As Speaker of the House of Delegates for the Young Physicians Section, I will ensure that the voice of every young physician is heard at our assembly meetings. While parliamentary procedure may be utilized to maintain order, it should never be used to discourage debate or discourage discussion. I have attended workshops sponsored by my state medical society given by world-renowned parliamentarians and have been attending formal meetings since I was a medical student so I am very familiar with parliamentary procedure.

I also believe that it is my duty to ensure that our voices as young physicians are heard throughout the year as the AMA considers key issues in health care. Looking forward, I would be in favor of encouraging continuous electronic communications with all delegates throughout the year so that they can educate their peers about key issues.

I appreciate the time and the dedication all delegates devote to participation in the AMA and look forward to serving as your Speaker.

Sponsor’s Statement: Dr. Spiro Spanakis has the focus, pragmatism and experience to be an exceptional AMA-YPS Speaker. As chair of the Massachusetts Medical Society Committee on Young Physicians, (MMS CYP,) which is the Massachusetts counterpart to the AMA-YPS, Dr. Spanakis has presided over meetings for six years, with a strong ability to guide thorough discussion without influencing debate and to allow all sides to be heard.

He is an established leader in organized medicine, with a proven track-record of successful initiatives both at MMS and his specialty society, the Massachusetts Society of Anesthesiologists. When elected to a position, he dedicates the time, energy and foresight to make his service worthwhile, including taking time out of his personal schedule to further develop his skills, such as having completed a “Presiding Skills Workshop” to learn more about the Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure and proper presiding language.

Dr. Spiro Spanakis will bring the same commitment and aptitude he has shown at MMS to his role as AMA-YPS Speaker. His composure and levelheadedness will be a great asset to the Assembly and delegates will find his leadership style to be efficient and fair-minded.