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Governing Council Elections

The AMA-YPS was accepting nominations for the following leadership positions on the AMA-YPS Governing Council:

  • Chair-elect, who will serve a three-year term: one year as Chair-elect, one year as Chair, and one year as Immediate Past Chair; and
  • Delegate, who will serve a two-year term.
  • Member At-large, who will serve a one-year term

Nomination forms were due May 22, 2016. After this date, nominations will be accepted only on June 10 during this year's AMA-YPS Annual Assembly Meeting. Terms of office will begin at the close of the Annual Meeting.

Visit the website for more information on AMA-YPS leadership opportunities.

Additional information on positions and duties can be found in the AMA-YPS Internal Operating Procedures.

Candidate profiles, available for viewing below, will be posted to the website as nominations are received by the AMA-YPS.

AMA-YPS Governing Council Candidates

Chair-elect – Brandi N. Ring, MD

Chair-elect – Brandi N. Ring, MD

Aurora, Colorado

Endorsed by:  Colorado Medical Society; Pennsylvania Medical Society; York County Medical Society and Aurora-Adams County Medical Society

Statement of Interest: Hello, my name is Brandi Ring, and it is my humble honor to run for your AMA-YPS Chair-elect. I am so excited to be a young physician and part of the YPS. I feel like there are so many opportunities to explore. Do I want to teach or do research? Start my own company or practice? Work for a group or a hospital? The opportunities seem endless. Yet these opportunities seem daunting, as well.

I want to make those opportunities less daunting and more exciting by making sure that your AMA-YPS works for you. Not just when you come to meetings, but throughout the year. The AMA-YPS should be relevant to your everyday practice—we should address your needs and by doing this make your YPS membership more rewarding.

I want to start by efficiently running our meetings, showcasing new opportunities, addressing issues relevant to your daily practices, building time for networking opportunities and adding activities you find rewarding. These meetings are an important time to connect with each other as colleagues, build our networks, and provide support and feedback. I also want to help the YPS to be relevant in your daily practices by providing resources that improve your efficiency in clinical practice, and to help you transition not only between medical training stages, like residency to practice, but between new practice and business opportunities.

As your AMA-YPS Chair-elect, I hope to make your YPS more efficient, more relevant and more rewarding. Thank you!

Delegate – Hilary E. Fairbrother, MD

Delegate – Hilary E. Fairbrother, MD

Brooklyn, New York

Endorsed by: The Medical Society of the State of New York and the American College of Emergency Physicians

Statement of Interest: My name is Hilary Fairbrother, and I am seeking your support for re-election as your Delegate.

I have used my position as Delegate to expand the impact that our section has on the AMA House of Delegates (HOD).  Under my tenure, the AMA-YPS has spoken on a greater number of business items, made meaningful candidate endorsements that have had impact, and increased and streamlined communication amongst members.  I am extremely proud of the work achieved.  Although we have only "1 vote," we consistently affect policy and elections in significant ways.  This has led to increased opportunities for our members.  As we continue to create a more active section, we increase the opportunities for our current members, as well as for those who have recently aged out of our section. 

It is my goal in the next 2 years to decrease the average age of a Delegate in the HOD by advocating for increased participation among our members in both state and specialty delegations.  Many of our YPS members have been involved since medical school and have more than enough experience to provide incredible value to their member organizations.  My other main objective is to continue to work on communication within the YPS throughout the year.  I want to facilitate the involvement of YPS members who have limited volunteer time.  I want continue to use new technologies to communicate efficiently with our members.

Delegate – Akash Ajmera, MD

Delegate – Akash Ajmera, MD

Barboursville, WV

Statement of Interest: I have always wanted to play my part for the betterment of all physicians. Being a physician just out of fellowship and being a foreign graduate, I understand multiple facets for challenges a young physician faces. I will be able to better govern you on the council.

Member-at-large – Nicole D. Riddle, MD

Member-at-large – Nicole D. Riddle, MD

Guntersville, Alabama

Endorsed by:  Pathology Section Council

Statement of Interest: I have always wanted to be on an AMA Governing Council and I feel the YPS is the place I can do the most good!