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AMA Councils and AMPAC Board

There are seven AMA councils whose functions are specified by AMA Bylaws, as well as the Board of Directors for AMPAC (American Medical Political Action Committee). Each is comprised of member physicians, plus designated seats for resident physician and medical student representatives. Each council selects its own chair and vice-chair (or chair-elect) and may adopt such rules and regulations as it deems necessary and appropriate, subject to approval by the Board.

The AMA-YPS has chosen not to seek a "slotted" seat for AMA councils or the AMPAC Board, believing that such a slot would be detrimental rather than helpful to young physician interests. Rather, the AMA-YPS advocates "mainstreaming" of young physicians at this level of leadership.

The AMA prepares and distributes annually a demographic analysis of the councils, with a comparison to the physician population overall and the AMA physician membership. State and specialty societies (in nominating or sponsoring candidates); the House of Delegates (in electing council members); and the Board of Trustees, the Speakers and the President (in appointing or nominating physicians for service on AMA councils or in other leadership positions) are urged to consider the need to enhance and promote diversity. This includes not only the representation of women, young physicians, international medical graduates, and minorities, but also the areas of substantive expertise needed on the councils.

The councils

The seven Councils and AMPAC are listed below.

AMA-YPS policy regarding support for young physician candidates for AMA councils/AMPAC board

The AMA-YPS Governing Council can endorse the nomination of young physicians and other physicians campaigning for election to the following Councils:

  • Constitution and Bylaws
  • Ethical and Judicial Affairs
  • Medical Education
  • Medical Service
  • Science and Public Health

The AMA-YPS Governing Council can nominate qualified young physician candidates to the following Councils:

  • Legislation
  • Long Range Planning and Development
  • AMPAC Board of Directors

Read our criteria for nomination and/or endorsement

Young physicians are represented on the Joint Commission and the AMA Council on Science and Public Health.  Also, several former AMA-YPS Assembly members now serve on the following AMA Councils: Council on Legislation, Council on Science and Public Health, Council on Medical Education, and the AMPAC Board of Directors.

If more information about a specific council is needed, contact the AMA Department of Young Physician Services. AMA-YPS can give you the name of the council secretary, who can provide you with names and addresses of all council members, meeting dates, and copies of council reports.