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AMA-YPS Strategic Plan

Vision Statement
The AMA-YPS, the recognized advocate and voice for young physicians and their patients, strives to increase young physician membership and representation while advocating effectively for their issues within our AMA and the federation of medicine.

Mission Statement
The mission of the AMA-YPS is to strengthen the value of AMA membership for young physicians while maximizing young physicians’ contributions to the AMA’s brand vision through:


  • Promoting young physician leadership, mentorship and membership within the AMA and throughout the Federation.


  • Serve as the voice of young physicians by influencing policy development and advocacy priorities within our AMA.


  • Providing young physicians with timely, focused updates on the AMA’s progress and impact on core issues.
  • Clearly communicating ways the AMA can help young physicians help their patients now and in the future.
  • Giving young physician members the ability to connect directly with AMA-YPS leadership.

Read the entire strategic plan.