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AMA-WPS Meetings

AMA-Women Physicians Section
Annual Business Meeting
June 6, 2015
Hyatt Regency Chicago
Chicago, Illinois


Register for this year's AMA Women Physicians Section (WPS) Annual Meeting. Registration will take place March 23 – May 26. Please note registration closes at 11:59 p.m. EST on Tuesday, May 26.

WPS Meeting Schedule
WPS Liaisons

Our AMA-WPS liaisons breakfast will take place on Monday, June 8. Details about the time and location will be available at a later time.

More about the AMA-WPS Liaisons
An important component in the success of the AMA Women Physicians Section (WPS) is our partnership with the federation to expand involvement and advocacy at all levels. We ask that medical societies appoint an AMA-WPS Liaison to join our network of women physician leaders. If your medical society does not have a liaison, please complete the AMA-WPS Liaison Appointment Form. Please email wps@ama-assn.org with any questions.


The resolution deadline for the 2015 Annual Meeting of the AMA-WPS is March 30.

Resolution Guidelines

Resolutions must be submitted to the AMA-WPS by the announced deadline date.

Each resolution submitted to the AMA-WPS Assembly will result in either a directive for action by the Governing Council or a resolution to the AMA-HOD. With this process, the AMA-WPS welcomes resolutions that offer a clear directive to the Governing Council (e.g., work with AMA staff to integrate women physicians into AMA activities), resolutions that seek to create new AMA policy, or resolutions that seek to amend existing AMA policy. Resolutions that seek to create AMA-WPS projects that require additional resources will not be accepted. However, resolutions that ask the AMA-WPS to ask the AMA to implement a similar project will be accepted. The AMA-WPS will not accept for discussion any resolution that is identical to one submitted to the AMA-HOD. Rather, that item will be discussed in the AMA-HOD Handbook Review Session to determine official AMA-WPS action. Once a resolution is submitted to the AMA-HOD, or the Governing Council undertakes the desired action and reports back to the AMA-WPS membership, the adopted resolution will be sunset.

To ensure your resolution has the best chance for adoption, the AMA-WPS suggests that the following be taken into consideration:

  • Make certain that the proposed action benefits physicians and/or their patients, or women physician members in particular.
  • Review the AMA PolicyFinder to determine whether current policy already exists.
  • Make sure that the resolution’s title appropriately reflects the action for which the resolution calls.
  • Be certain that the whereas statements of the resolution clearly state the need for the action you are seeking in the RESOLVED statement.
  • The RESOLVED portion of the resolution must be a definitive statement that is able to stand alone.
  • If appropriate, indicate in the RESOLVED portion at which AMA-HOD meeting you’d like the resolution to be considered. Unless the resolution is of some urgency, it should wait until the following meeting so that it can be included in the delegates’ handbook and they can properly prepare to discuss it.
  • Include a fiscal note. AMA-WPS staff can assist with the development of fiscal information.

Hotel & Airline Information

Hotel Information

Hyatt Regency Chicago
151 East Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60601

City Tax 16.4%

Book your reservations online or call Hyatt reservations at 888-421-1442888-421-1442.

Please be sure to make your reservation by the cutoff date of May1, 2015 to insure that your requirements are met. We cannot guarantee room availability after the published cutoff date.


Airline discounts are available on United Airlines.

The United discount may also be obtained online. Once you are on united.com:

  • Enter origin, destination, and travel dates
  • Enter ZTXM362176 in Offer Code box

A discount may also be obtained by calling United Airlines Meetings at 800-426-1122800-426-1122 (a service fee will apply) and mention Z code ZTXM and Agreement code 362176.

Available flights will be displayed. When an available flight is selected the discounted fare will automatically be calculated. The discount is valid for travel 3 days prior to and 3 days after the official meeting date(s).

Previous Meeting Highlights

The AMA-WPS hosted its business meeting and reception, which featured a talk by Juliet Lee MD, one of the 2013 recipients of the Joan F. Giambalvo, MD, Fund for the Advancement of Women. Dr. Lee shared results from her study, “The Experience of Chief Residents Who Have Remained in and Who Have Left Academic Medicine.”

The business meeting concluded with a review of the AMA-HOD Handbook. The AMA-WPS Governing Council reviewed its positions on various items of business before the AMA House of Delegates that focus on issues of concern to women physicians, medical students and patients. Details of all WPS positions can be found in the grids below:

The AMA-WPS hosted its liaisons lunch and business meeting on Sunday, November 9. Highly regarded by past attendees, this event featured updates from around the country about what state and specialty medical societies are doing to address important issues related to women physicians. Members of the WPS Liaisons Network participated in a roundtable discussion on advancing women in healthcare leadership positions.

Finally, the WPS sponsored an education session, “Communication as a Conflict Management Tool,” led by Andrea Jones, Executive Director of the E-Women Network of Dallas/Fort Worth. This engaging session provided insights on how physicians can identify factors that hinder effective communication, examine ways poor communication and conflict can impact professional effectiveness, and implement effective communication techniques for conflict management.