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Inspirational Physicians Recognition Program

The AMA-WPS Inspirational Physicians Recognition Program provides an opportunity for physicians to express appreciation to the special men and women who have offered their time, wisdom and support throughout their professional journeys.
The 2016 nominees are lauded as role models who:

  • Inspiring them to greater heights
  • Steering them into a specialty they love
  • Help them find balance in life and work
  • Guide them through their professional society
  • Challenging them to surprise themselves

Meet the 2016 Inspirational Physicians

Rox Anderson, MD

Nominated by Nathanial Miletta, MD

"Dr. Rox Anderson is one of the most effective, powerful mentors in the field of dermatology. He has mentored many men and women dermatology leaders. I served as a fellow for one year under Dr. Anderson and learned from one of the best leaders I have ever met. His is one of the most accomplished and brilliant scientists of our time, but his humility, grace and leadership encourage the men and women who work for him to achieve the highest levels of leadership. He helps people recognize their highest potential and even pushes them beyond their limits. Dr. Anderson is most deserving of this award. He recognizes the unique struggles that women physicians face and makes it a point to mentor and encourage many of these women physician leaders."

—Nathanial Miletta, MD

Maryanne Bombaugh, MD

Nominated by Lynda Kabbash, MD

Maryanne Bombaugh, MD "Dr. Bombaugh is the sole reason that I have become an active AMA member, now chair of the AMA Women Physicians Section (WPS) Governing Council, alternate delegate for the AMA-WPS and now alternate delegate for the Massachusetts AMA delegation. I was lucky enough to attend the AMA Annual Meeting as an ambassador sponsored by the Massachusetts Medical Society and Dr. Bombaugh was assigned as my mentor and advisor for the duration of the week-long meeting. She has continued to advise me and is a close friend. I nominate her whole-heartedly as an inspirational physician!"

—Lynda Kabbash, MD

Raquel C. Bono, MD

Nominated by Kimberly D. Davis, MD

Dr. Raquel Bono"There is none better! Dr. Raquel Bono, an accomplished trauma surgeon, has proven herself as a leader and role model inspiring countless health care professionals. In December 2015 she became the first female Naval Medical Corps. three-star admiral and was selected to lead the Defense Health Agency. Despite a non-stop work schedule and busy home life as a wife and mother of three, she went back to school for an MBA. Dr. Bono has been a mentor and champion of my career. She serves as an inspiration of what is possible! There is no one more deserving of your recognition. Thank you."

—Kimberly D. Davis, MD

Devin L. Brown, MD

Nominated by Teresa Jacobs, MD

Devin L. Brown, MD "Dr. Brown has always been a leader by example. She is a well-known/regarded stroke neurologist, researcher and clinical physician. She always has a great attitude and razor-sharp focus. She has taught me the meaning of being a successful, compassionate and hard-working doctor by her example of efficient and comprehensive work. Despite prodigious academic productivity, Dr. Brown never loses sight of patient care and teaching of colleagues, staff and students. As a researcher, she asks and works hard to answer questions that have and will advance medical care in stroke. I've had the incredibly good fortune to work with Dr. Devin Brown."

—Teresa Jacobs, MD

Nancy Church, MD

Nominated by Maya Babu, MD

Nancy Church, MD"Dr. Nancy Church is a dynamo, a woman who has been a trailblazer and has never forgotten her roots. Dr. Church is a tireless advocate on behalf of other women; she is a strong supporter of helping women succeed in their personal and professional lives. She goes out of her way to be a resource, is inclusive and warm, and seeks out creative ways to help her mentees. She has overcome much personal adversity to succeed in medicine; her life story is an inspiration. Dr. Church is a diligent and effective champion for helping women advance in medicine."

—Maya Babu, MD

Lynn Drake, MD

Nominated by Josephine Nguyen, MD

Lynn Drake, MD "Dr. Lynn Drake is an inspiration to many dermatology medical students, residents and current dermatology leaders. She always takes time out of her busy schedule to personally mentor students and residents and makes them feel completely at ease. Dr. Drake is truly an inspiration in my life because she is my role model and the epitome of a strong woman physician leader. She helped me navigate the Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy Fellowship application process and encouraged me to apply for a fellowship that I didn't think I was qualified enough to get. Dr. Drake believed in me. There are very few physician leaders who can say those words to other people: I believe in you. It was because of Dr. Drake's singular guidance, support and mentorship that I am able to pursue the fellowship of dreams this next year."

—Josephine Nguyen, MD

Arthur M. Feldman, MD

Nominated by Melissa Wasilewski, MD

Arthur M. Feldman, MD "Dr. Feldman is an excellent mentor for clinicians and clinician scientists-in-training. He devotes a great deal of time, sharing his enthusiasm for clinical and translational medicine with medical trainees, from post-baccalaureate students to fellows. Despite having an incredibly busy schedule, he is always willing to take time to individually mentor me, not only in medicine, but also in career development and work-life balance. Dr. Feldman deserves the Inspirational Physicians Recognition because he is an exemplary role model for medical trainees who has also guided many physicians into careers where they continue to share their enthusiasm for medicine and mentor future physicians."

—Melissa Wasilewski, MD

Ellen Flanagan, MD

Nominated by Tera Cushman, MD

Ellen Flanagan, MD "In my second year of residency I was working with Ellen Flanagan on the last day of a grueling 12-day stretch when my foot was run over by a heavy OR table. As my eyes filled with tears, Ellen swept in and took care of me. She arranged for relief and sent me to employee health. When I returned, she pushed cab fare into my hand and sent me home with a hug. Ellen is a true humanist committed to improving the lives of patients and residents. She inspires clinical excellence and compassionate care by providing excellent examples of both."

—Tera Cushman, MD

Linda B. Ford, MD

Nominated by Joanne Blessing-Moore, MD

Linda B. Ford, MD"Dr. Linda Ford is an example for all of us. She is a wonderful clinician who not only spends time with her patients/families and medical staff but is always willing to help establish the best health care policies for our patients. She works on a state, national and international basis to establish the best care. Thank you, Dr. Ford, for all you have done for our patients, associates and for our profession."

—Joanne Blessing-Moore, MD

Linda Ha, DO

Nominated by Poornima Oruganti, medical student

Linda Ha, DO"Dr. Ha introduced me to the American College of Physicians (ACP) and helped peak my interest in policy in the internal medicine world by connecting me with other physicians in the ACP and at ACP Advocacy Day. My interest in organized medicine, including the AMA, grew after my experience in the ACP. Dr. Ha was also a fantastic preceptor during my internal medicine clerkship and showed me that it is possible to be a physician leader in health care and a great clinician at the same time."

—Poornima Oruganti, medical student

Tracey L. Henry, MD

Nominated by Isaac Dodd, MD

Tracey L. Henry, MD"As a fourth-year medical student, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Henry through the Georgetown Comprehensive Medical Mentoring Program. We met together several times, discussing health policy, the social determinants of health and key ingredients to success in a future medical career. Together we also mentored minority medical students, undergraduates and high school students who aspire to become doctors themselves. She helped me to decide to go to Johns Hopkins for an MPH before residency to affect medicine on a grander scale. As a minority physician, she inspires me that I, too, as a minority can achieve great things."

—Isaac Dodd, MD

Bettina Hilman, MD

Nominated by Joanne Blessing-Moore, MD

"Dr. Bettina Hilman is an allergist pediatric pulmonologist who has always been the example for all of us. She is an internationally known writer, researcher, editor and clinician who has taken time with patients, families and staff members. She is the lady behind the Hilman House on the LSU campus, a place where kids and families of our cystic fibrosis patients can go when their loved ones are at the clinic or hospital for care. She has always been there for all of us. Thank you, Dr. Hilman."

—Joanne Blessing-Moore, MD

Lynn Holden, MD

Nominated by Alice Coombs, MD

Lynn Holden, MD"Dr. Holden has made an incredible impact in workforce diversity. She represents the best example of commitment and ambition culminating in transforming minds and energizing and equipping youth to pursue medicine and health care. She has left her mark on so many students. She is strategic and proactive in establishing best practices for mentoring. Medicine is better because we have Dr, Lynn Holden improving workforce diversity, one student at a time."

—Alice Coombs, MD

Cyndi Yag-Howard, MD

Nominated by Nathanial Miletta, MD

Cyndi Yag-Howard, MD"Dr. Cyndi Yag-Howard currently serves as co-chair of the AMA Dermatology Section Council. She is an inspiration to many medical students, residents and physicians in the AMA. Cyndi always takes the time to make sure people are valued for their contributions, no matter how new they are to the AMA. She recognizes the unique talents each person has to offer. When I first arrived as the army delegate to the AMA Dermatology Section Council, Cyndi personally took the time to reach out to me, asked what my goals were within the AMA and in military medicine, and gave me advice on how to pursue those goals. Cyndi is accomplished and extremely successful but takes the time to nurture future leaders for dermatology as well as the AMA. It is because of Dr. Yag-Howard that I believe I can be a voice in the AMA."

—Nathanial Miletta, MD

Teresa L. Jacobs, MD

Nominated by Devin Brown, MD

Teresa L. Jacobs, MD "Dr. Teresa L. Jacobs is an incredible clinician, tireless patient advocate, consummate educator and skillful administrator. Yet, she also manages to balance her career dedication with a highly successful and engaged family life. The way she is able to devote herself fully to all aspects of her life has been an inspiration to me and has shown me ways to broaden the dimensions of my own life. For this, I am grateful."

—Devin Brown, MD

Sean Javdan, MD

"Sean Javdan, MD, is an outstanding physician and medical educator. He actively teaches and mentors medical students from David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and Keck School of Medicine at USC and educates resident physicians from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center to be the best doctors that they can be. He motivates and inspires today's learners to become tomorrow's great leaders. Dr. Javdan is a naturally inspirational leader with a unique ability to motivate others to succeed and achieve their goals."

—Joseph Javdan, MD

Hillary Johnson-Jahangir, MD

Nominated by Lynda Kabbash, MD

Hillary Johnson-Jahangir, MD"As vice chair of the AMA Dermatology Section Council, Hillary led the section of over 40 members with maturity and wisdom beyond her years. At a young age, she already stands out as a stellar leader among the many leaders in the AMA. Hillary personally mentored many of the new incoming council members and brought them all as a united front to represent the interests of 14,000 dermatologists in the United States. Hillary mentored and encouraged me to believe that I had unique skills and experiences to contribute to the AMA. She has been integral to my success and contributions to the AMA Women Physicians Section."

—Lynda Kabbash, MD

Cheryl A. Jones, MD

Nominated by Theresa Crowgey, MD

"Dr. Jones is one of the fiercest resident advocates in our department and an inspiring example of resilience and leadership. She is loved by the residents for her personally funded social gatherings and consideration to well-being, loved by the ancillary staff for her recognition of their integral role in the patient care team, and loved by her patients for her gentle bedside manner. She illustrates the oft elusive balance between profession and person, compassion and competence, and ardently defends her trainees against the forces that threaten the humanity of our trade."

—Theresa Crowgey, MD

Annapoorna S. Kini, MD

Nominated by Shiny Mathewkutty, MD

Annapoorna S. Kini, MD "I had the privilege of working with Dr. Kini as an interventional fellow. As a female leader in a male-dominated cath lab and in a male-dominated field, Dr. Kini has set the bar high. She is a technically gifted and inspirational leader in a large volume cardiac cath lab in a tertiary care facility. She is an awe-inspiring interventionalist and, especially so, for upcoming female trainees. I am nominating her for her technical skills, leadership skills and for setting a high standard for all female interventionalists in a male-dominated field."

—Shiny Mathewkutty, MD

Jill D. Kruse, DO

Nominated by Hala Sabry, DO

Jill D. Kruse, DO"Dr. Kruse is an inspiration to all who meet her as she focuses not only on treating her patients, but also on physician health. Her focus on wellness is more than just a fad that exists in medicine today. She lectures on the topic and also practices her techniques in her daily life. She encourages physicians to not lose their creativity and passion for what they love, both within the realm of medicine and outside of it. She is involved with her community and just recently was the lead in a musical. This particular musical inspired me to challenge myself and to bring out my artistic side and to not let medicine dictate all of my extracurricular activities. She also mentored young girls during the entire production, which in itself makes me so proud of her. She always acts as a teacher, mentor and resource for all those who come in contact with her. I truly believe medicine would be happier if we had more physicians like Dr. Kruse!"

—Hala Sabry, DO

Kristin Ondecko Ligda, MD

Nominated by Hala Sabry, MD

Kristin Ondecko Ligda, MD"Dr. Kristin Ondecko Ligda is an inspiration to all women physicians! She is a passionate anesthesiologist who is extremely active within her own practice and her state medical society. She has always been involved in organizational representation of women and is a huge proponent of the American Medical Women's Association. Dr. Ondecko Ligda prioritizes communication among women in her field of anesthesiology to better each other—not only as physician colleagues but also as friends—as part of a Women Physician Anesthesiology Group that has close to 2,000 participants. She's also extremely vocal in protecting VA patients as well as patients requiring dental work from inappropriately administered anesthesia. She is one of the most pleasant, optimistic and inspiring women physicians I know and so deserving of this award."

—Hala Sabry, MD

Sonya Malekzadeh, MD

Nominated by Shannon Pryor, MD

Sonya Malekzadeh, MD "Sonya has been a leader in transforming educational practices in otolaryngology. After her phenomenal success in helping to create the Women in Otolaryngology Section of the American Academy of Otolaryngology − Head and Neck Surgery, she went on to serve as the academy's education coordinator and was able to lead the creation and implementation of many new and innovative programs. Sonya is a true inspiration to her colleagues and to those she teaches."

—Shannon Pryor, MD

Barbara L. McAneny, MD

Nominated by Maya Babu, MD

Barbara L. McAneny, MD "Dr. McAneny is an enthusiastic mentor and supporter of trainees entering practice. She is a principled businesswoman who advocates for autonomy and decision-making independence for physicians. She leads by example; she is poised when she speaks, makes reasoned, well-thought out statements and stands her ground. She is always willing to lend a listening ear or to proffer advice. Her sincere commitment to her patients is inspiring. She founded her own multi-physician practice and is leading the fight against major hospital consolidation. A person of integrity, Dr. McAneny devotes her time and her efforts to improving the practice environment for physicians."

—Maya Babu, MD

Holly A. Muir, MD

Nominated by Cathleen Peterson-Layne, MD

Holly A. Muir, MD "Dr. Muir deserves recognition for selfless support of many colleagues over the past three decades—men and women alike. Holly leads by example and entrusts others. Since my residency, she has been a consistent, trustworthy mentor who helped me develop my self-confidence as a clinician and faculty member. Her effort and impact extends around the world as she travels regularly to Ghana and other countries to foster education to improve the delivery of care. Her mentorship and education of many—medical students to faculty—allows her to make a lasting impact. I'm proud to call Holly my colleague and friend."

—Cathleen Peterson-Layne, MD

Kelly McQueen, MD

Nominated by Jesse Ehrenfeld, MD

"Dr. McQueen is an extraordinary leader who has encouraged me to expand my horizons, challenge my assumptions and stand up for those around me who cannot stand up for themselves. She has inspired me to be a better doctor, a better advocate and a better teacher."

—Jesse Ehrenfeld, MD

Rebecca Patchin, MD

Nominated by Shelia Rege, MD

"Dr. Patchin moved to Washington state and became involved with our AMA delegates. We have two new young physicians as alternates, and she has taken all of us under her wing. She drove four hours to mentor us on how AMA meetings work and has always been a staunch believer in us as physicians making a difference in medicine via the AMA House of Delegates. I saw her in action at the National Advocacy Conference mentoring women physicians from Riverside County Medical Society. She is so generous with her time. As past chair of our AMA Board of Trustees, she could rest with her accolades. Instead, she ensures that she spends time with us, mentoring us to be as good as she is. She worked with our residents on work hours and is the first to advocate for women and other issues. She is a true woman leader."

—Shelia Rege, MD

Brenda Polite, MD

Nominated by Natasha D'Souza, medical student

"It is easy to support people when they are succeeding. Dr. Polite goes beyond supporting us (her students) when we are successful, but also supports us when we inevitably stumble during our medical school journey. She meets every difficult patient encounter or discouraging experience that we express to her with compassion and encouraging words of advice. She teaches us to be kind to ourselves, which will ultimately translate into more compassionate care for our patients. Because of her, I have found myself growing to be a more resilient and strong student and future physician."

—Natasha D'Souza, medical student

Heidi Roman, MD

Nominated by Rory Nicolaides, MD

Heidi Roman, MD"When I read the description of this recognition program, Dr. Roman was the first person who came to mind. She truly embodies a role model physician, mentor, leader, mother and caring person whom I can only hope to emulate in my career. As one of the medical directors of our innovative and collaborative Rees-Jones Center for Foster Care Excellence, she is leading our team in revamping how we approach care for, and has dedicated her life and work to improving outcomes for one of our most vulnerable populations of children in Texas. She does this all while mentoring residents in continuity clinic, providing inspiration, insight and support for future goals and endeavors. Maintaining a smile day in and day out with such a full plate may seem daunting to some, but Dr. Roman handles it with unparalleled grace. She places patient care first and foremost, going above and beyond for patients, residents, students and staff in any way necessary, and inspires us daily to do the same."

—Rory Nicolaides, MD

Capt. Joel Roos, MD

Nominated by Josephine Nguyen, MD

Capt. Joel Roos, MD"Capt. Joel Roos is the epitome of a leader. I first met Dr. Roos eight years ago, and he was the first naval officer who told me I could be a leader. Dr. Roos has the unique skills of being able to recognize the talents in each person and mentoring them to maximize those talents. He has mentored and encouraged the development of many young leaders within Navy medicine, both men and women. He is always accessible, extremely humble and makes his mentees feel completely at ease. When I met Dr. Roos, I had lost my passion for the Navy because of the lack of leaders who made me feel like a part of the organization. He reinvigorated that passion, made me feel like a vital part of the organization and helped me discover my unique skills as a leader. I am where I am, in large part, because of his guidance and mentoring."

—Josephine Nguyen, MD

Hala Sabry

Nominated by Gretchen Green, MD, and Shoba Srikantan, MD

Hala Sabry, DO"Dr. Sabry is the founder of the 60,000+ member Facebook group and nonprofit organization called Physician Moms Group. In the first year of the organization, it grew to 56,000 members and declared Feb. 3, 2016, the first National Women Physicians' Day. She proves that, together, we are truly stronger. She has done what our medical mothers desired to do 100 years ago through organized medicine, and through social media has made groundbreaking accomplishments in achieving true change in women physicians' lives. Their virtual fellowship benefits their personal and professional lives and those of the patients they care for every day."

—Gretchen Green, MD

"I would like to nominate Dr. Sabry. She is an amazing physician. Thanks to Dr. Sabry's leadership, women have a safe place to post either under their own name or anonymously about issues with being a physician, a mother, a spouse and life in general. Thanks to this group, women who have been suffering in silence have found a voice and a supportive community of women who have stepped up to protect fellow physicians in need. Dr. Sabry does this all while working as a full-time emergency room physician and as a busy mother. Her accomplishments to promote physician solidarity, wellness, equality, and self-care cannot be underscored or dismissed."

—Shoba Srikantan, MD

Francis Samonte, MD

Nominated by Joey Laceda, MD

Francis Samonte, MD"In 2012 Dr. Samonte arrived in the province of Zambales, Philippines. Our province is the second poorest province in the Philippines. It's approximately the size of Maryland with a huge number of Aetes (indigenous people) and children with neurodevelopmental disabilities. Within the past four years, Dr. Samonte has served people who have never been seen by a doctor. He has been a mentor to countless local physicians, and his passion for helping and teaching disadvantaged Filipinos is what drives his work. I consider him our modern day 'Albert Schweitzer.'"

—Joey Laceda, MD

Dina Seif, MD

Nominated by Hala Sabry, DO

Dina Seif, MD"As I type this Dr. Dina Seif is preparing for her international flight tomorrow to Greece to provide medical care to Syrian refugees. She will be the only doctor they have access to next week. She also gives to her community locally in Los Angeles and has achieved academic mentions for her work in emergency ultrasound. Her training at the University of Southern California prepared her for the rigors of patient care, but she has also pursued an MBA to help change the face of medicine. As my fellow board member on the Physician Moms Group, Dr. Seif has been innovative and instrumental in providing educational resources to physicians who also have a second full-time job as being a mother. Her dedication to communities, patients and physicians is honorable, and she should be recognized for her work!"

—Hala Sabry, DO

Sasha Shillcutt, MD

Nominated by Katherine Kerchner, MD; Shannon Tierney

Sasha Shillcutt, MD"Sasha encourages female doctors to develop their physical and mental health through exercise, self-care, and beauty and fashion, an area that is sometimes ridiculed but that is important for both professional demeanor and personal self-esteem. She is a source of positivity and female empowerment."

—Shannon Tierney

"Dr. Shillcutt created a website that brings together women physicians of all races, ages and geographic locations with the goal of empowering each other as women and as physicians. I believe that it has not only encouraged more women to stay engaged in medicine, but it has inspired more women to advance their careers in medicine. Rather than stepping back, these women are leaning in to their positions in medicine and allowing their talents to shine.

"Dr. Shillcutt's professionalism and inspirational leadership have sparked a true movement of leadership in women physicians. She has honored members of this website with her insight, advice and inspirational ability to balance work, marriage and children, all while advancing her career and motivating us in our own lives to be better and do more for our profession as physicians.

—Katherine Kerchner, MD

Lara Salyer Smith, DO

Nominated by Lindsey Anderson, MD

Lara Salyer Smith, DO"Dr. Salyer is a great example of a female family practice physician who balances work and family life all while being an amazing teacher for medical students and remaining active as a physician advocate. Her patients can sense her genuine care for them, and they respond accordingly. One patient we encountered together recounted the story of her becoming sober—she said that Dr. Salyer had told her she was killing herself, and hearing this and the amount of care with which Dr. Salyer had said it, gave her the willpower to stay sober from that day on. She's been sober for seven years now! Dr. Salyer is extremely intelligent, and her teaching of medical students is superb. She is a wonderful example of maintaining compassion in medicine—compassion for patients, but also for staff and for yourself. She is truly one of the nation's physician gems, and her patients understand how blessed they are to have her as their physician and community member."

—Lindsey Anderson, MD

Roland Theodore Smith, MD

Nominated by Meleha Ahmad, MD

Roland Theodore Smith, MD"Dr. Smith has been one of the kindest and most encouraging mentors I have encountered in medicine. He is dedicated to creating the best opportunities for his students and residents. During my time as his research fellow, he has always patiently and respectfully listened to my ideas and considered them strongly (no matter how silly they seemed in retrospect).

—Meleha Ahmad, MD

Shoba Srikantan, MD

Nominated by Hala Sabry, MD

Shoba Srikantan, MD "Shoba serves on the inaugural Make-A-Wish National Medical Advisory Committee to ensure the 7,500 children who pass through central Florida every year with life-threatening medical conditions have wonderful experiences with their families on their wish. Through persistence, a video of Robert Downey Jr. was obtained for a nine-year old with a brain tumor. He died peacefully hours after seeing the video. As a mother and physician, this serves as inspiration for me to help my own patients."

—Hala Sabry, MD

Barbara Nabrit-Stephens

Nominated by Alice Coombs, MD

Barbara Nabrit-Stephens"Dr. Nabrit-Stephens is an outstanding pediatrician who has cared for vulnerable populations for more than 30 years. She has recently been instrumental in resource allocation for Medicaid patients. Dr. Nabrit-Stephens cares about the impact of policy on patient outcomes. Going the extra mile is her hallmark. She has advocated for preservation of physicians and patients and health care reform that is focused on optimization of health care quality and improved efficiency. I am inspired by her. She is a mentor par excellence and an asset to medicine."

—Alice Coombs, MD

Annemarie Thompson, MD

Nominated by Tera Cushman, MD

"There are a few doctors I've trained under who I wish all young physicians—male or female—had the chance to know. Annemarie Thompson is one of them. She is a born leader with a vision for medical education and brings compassion, honesty and incredible energy to her work as residency program director. I'm very grateful for the example she provides—full professor, committed to her family, clinically excellent, caring, ethical and not afraid to tell a good joke."

—Tera Cushman, MD

Richard D. Zane, MD

Nominated by Jennifer Wiler, MD

Richard D. Zane, MD"Dr. Zane is a uniquely talented and trusted mentor of women within our department and our extended campus community. He seeks opportunities to pair female faculty with national mentors, which has been critical to the professional and personal development of a number of our female faculty. He is loyal and necessarily critical in a constructive way, and he is a consistently strong advocate who is willing to be a risk-taker on behalf of his mentees. He recognizes the challenge and importance of balancing and prioritizing family responsibilities and genuinely cares about my commitment to my family."

—Jennifer Wiler, MD

Featured Inspirational Physicians

Hillary Johnson-Jahangir, MD

Hillary Johnson-Jahangir, MD

Nominated by Lynda Kabbash, MD

"As vice chair of the AMA Dermatology Section Council, Hillary led the section of over 40 members with maturity and wisdom beyond her years. At a young age, she already stands out as a stellar leader among the many leaders in the AMA. Hillary personally mentored many of the new incoming council members and brought them all as a united front to represent the interests of 14,000 dermatologists in the United States. Hillary mentored and encouraged me to believe that I had unique skills and experiences to contribute to the AMA. She has been integral to my success and contributions to the AMA Women Physicians Section."

—Lynda Kabbash, MD


Richard D. Zane, MD

Richard D. Zane, MD

Nominated by Jennifer Wiler, MD

"Dr. Zane is a uniquely talented and trusted mentor of women within our department and our extended campus community. He seeks opportunities to pair female faculty with national mentors, which has been critical to the professional and personal development of a number of our female faculty. He is loyal and necessarily critical in a constructive way, and he is a consistently strong advocate who is willing to be a risk-taker on behalf of his mentees. He recognizes the challenge and importance of balancing and prioritizing family responsibilities and genuinely cares about my commitment to my family."

—Jennifer Wiler, MD