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Inspirational Physician Award

Through its Inspirational Physician Award (formerly the Physician Mentor Recognition Program), the AMA-WPS provides an opportunity for physicians to express appreciation to the special men and women who have offered their time, wisdom and support throughout their professional journeys.

AMA-WPS members are invited to tell us about a professional colleague or teacher who has served a special role in your life and career. The individual may have inspired you to greater heights, steered you into a specialty you love, helped you find balance in life and work, guided you through your professional society, challenged you to surprise yourself, or unknowingly been a role model for you and others.

A special presentation highlighting the 2013 Inspirational Physician Award Honorees is now available.

2013's Inspirational Physician Award honorees include:

Mentor: Yaseen Ali, MD
Nominated by Jay Singh (Medical Student)

Mentor: Carolyn Anderson, MD
Nominated by Erin Shriver, MD

Mentor: Carol Karp, MD
Nominated by Anat Galor, MD

Mentor: Sujana Chandrasekhar, MD
Nominated by Shannon Pryor, MD

Mentor: Lisa K. Chipps, MD, MS
Nominated by Veronica David, MD, MSc

Mentor: Nancy Christmas, MD
Nominated by Nancy Holekamp, MD

Mentor: Kathryn Colby, MD
Nominated by Christina Prescott, MD

Mentor: Maryanne L. Dokler, MD
Nominated by Danielle S. Walsh, MD

Mentor: Suanne Daves, MD
Nominated by Jesse M. Ehrenfeld, MD

Mentor: Anthony D'Amico, MD, PhD
Nominated by Elizabeth D. Chao (Medical Student)

Mentor: Patricia D’Amore, PhD, MBA
Nominated by Joan Miller, MD

Mentor: Suzanne K. Freitag, MD
Nominated by Danielle Trief, MD

Mentor: Michelle Precourt Debbink, MD, PhD
Nominated by Carolyn Payne (Medical Student)

Mentor: Charis Eng, MD, PhD
Nominated by Joanne Ngeon, MBBS, MRCP

Mentor: Bita Esmaeli, MD
Nominated by Vivian Yin, MD

Mentor: Paula Joubert-Greene, MD
Nominated by Anupam Gupta, MD

Mentor: Daniel J. Greenfield, MD
Nominated by Ying Wang, MD

Mentor: Lisa Kaufmann, MD
Nominated by Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber, MD

Mentor: Bonnie Miller, MD
Nominated by Jesse Ehrenfeld, MD

Mentor: Vivian Moynihan, MD
Nominated by Hillary Liebler (Medical Student)

Mentor: Genevieve S. Neal-Perry, MD, PhD
Nominated by Rashmi Kudesia, MD

Mentor: Richard Paat, MD
Nominated by Hillary Liebler (Medical Student)

Mentor: Ora Pescovitz, MD
Nominated by Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber, MD

Mentor: Staci E. Pollack, MD
Nominated by Rashmi Kudesia, MD

Mentor: Carolyn B. Robinowitz, MD
Nominated by Claudia L. Reardon, MD

Mentor: Shannon Scott, DO
Nominated by Lindsay Baltzer (Medical Student)

Mentor: Johanna Seddon, MD
Nominated by Mary Elizabeth Harnett, MD

Mentor: Mary R. Smith, MD
Nominated by Stephanie Meyer, MD

Mentor: David F. Yankelevitz, MD
Nominated by Ami A. Shah, MD

Mentor: Marcy Zwelling, MD
Nominated by anonymous

Our 2013 Physician Mentors

We are grateful to our 2013 Physician Mentors for sharing words of wisdom:

"...to practice medicine is a privilege...I am glad I was able to make a difference." - Yaseen Ali, MD

"It is always easier to mentor someone who has a similar philosophy on life as your own, but with good effective communication, you can mentor anyone." - Daniel J. Greenfield, MD

"It's important to listen carefully and try to see issues from multiple perspectives..." - Bonnie Miller, MD

"...the best way [mentees] can thank me is to 'pay it forward.' One day, someone will come to them for advice and they need to continue to help/mentor others the best they can." - Staci E. Pollack, MD

"...to achieve new growth we must seek honest constructive feedback and we must be reflective." - Genevieve Neal-Perry, MD

"Everything in life is about relationships. Listening...and really hearing the person with whom you are speaking or helping is the key." - Marcy Zwelling, MD

"In making career choices my advice for physicians is always very simple. Do the things you find interesting. The rest will take care of itself." - David F. Yankelevitz, MD

"Face the day and solve each problem as it arrives. Plan ahead only when required." - Mary Smith, MD

"A strong mentoring relationship rests on the mentor's ability to listen and provide quality feedback while steering the mentee in the right direction." - Shannon C. Scott, DO

"Trying to aid another by providing your expertise without projecting too much of your own story on to them is a fine balance to achieve, and it requires an open ear." - Michelle Precourt Debbink, MD, PhD

"By seeking out and embracing mentors with diverse experiences and perspectives, you evolve personally and grow professionally." - Ora Pescovitz, MD

"...set your proper foundation - family, friends, confidantes - your 'posse' - because those are the people off of whom you can bounce your ideas, fears, desires, and get feedback that you can use." - Sujana Chandrasekhar, MD

"The success of my mentoring relationships stems from a shared dedication to service and from my own mentors' dedication to opening my mind and heart to many different perspectives..." - Vivian Moynihan, MD

"In mentoring, meet the other person where they are while acknowledging the potential greatness within them." - Lisa Kaufmann, MD

"Focus your time and efforts doing the things that you love with people whom you enjoy." - Lisa K. Chipps, MD, MS

"When in doubt, follow your heart and let love be your guide." - Anthony D'Amico, MD, PhD

"...see another's viewpoint and to value their opinion when it may conflict with your own." - Suanne Daves, MD

"There is no higher privilege than to be so acknowledged by a mentee, indeed, illustrating my philosophy of 360-degree mentorship." - Charis Eng, MD, PhD