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Timeline for Resolutions, Online Member Forum and Virtual Assembly

Friday, April 8—Resolution Deadline
Senior Physicians Section (SPS) resolutions must be submitted by April 8 for the 2016 Annual Meeting. Resolutions propose policy statements that you believe the AMA-SPS should support and that pertain to the mission of the section. Any AMA member who is 65 or above is automatically a member of the AMA-SPS and may submit a resolution within the published deadlines for governing council review and approval. By authoring a resolution, you can become involved in the AMA-SPS and raise awareness of senior issues.

AMA-SPS Mission Statement

With an aging population and a shortage of physicians facing America, the Senior Physicians Section will work to engage senior physicians (age 65 and above), both active and retired, to ensure high-quality care and safety for patients by collaboration with other stakeholders in the changing health care system. The AMA-SPS will identify the needs and desires of senior physicians and advocate on their behalf.

Please view the AMA’s PolicyFinder to see if AMA policy already exists for the resolution you would like to propose before submitting. Please note the following resolutions related to senior physician issues:

B-7.9 Senior Physicians Section (I-12)
D-160.991 Licensure and Liability for Senior Physician Volunteers (A-14)
D-275.956 Assuring Safe and Effective Care for Patients by Senior/Late Career Physicians (A-15)
D-275.984 Licensure and Liability for Senior Physician Volunteers (A-14)
H-25.990 Eye Exams for the Elderly (A-15)
H-25.992 Senior Suicide (A-10)
H-25.993 Senior Care (A-10)
H-25.994 Increased Liaison, Communication and Educational Efforts with the Elderly (A-14)
H-25.995 Exercise Programs for the Elderly (A-15)
H-25.996 Retirement and Hiring Practices (A-08)
H-25.998 Policy Recommendations in the Field of Aging (A-08)
H-25.999 Health Care for Older Patients (A-13)
H-295.981 Geriatric Medicine (A-10)

If you would like to receive support with your resolution, please contact our delegate, Claire Wolfe, MD, at cwolfe@columbus.rr.com, or our alternate delegate, John Knote, MD, at johnknote@frontier.com.

Resolutions must be submitted via email to sps@ama-assn.org. Upon receipt of your resolution, a confirmation email will be sent back to you. A resolution template is available for your use.

Each resolution submitted to the virtual AMA-SPS meeting may result in either a directive for action or a new policy statement to be transmitted to the AMA House of Delegates (HOD) for consideration. Please plan to discuss AMA-SPS resolutions on the online member forum.

April 18–29—Online Member Forum
We are pleased to announce that the Senior Physicians Section (SPS) online member forum is now open through April 29, and we want to hear from you. Please use it at your convenience to share your opinion and make your voice heard on AMA-SPS concerns. Please contact us if you have questions.

Thursday, May 5—Virtual SPS Assembly (8 p.m. EDT)
We invite you to participate in a State of the Section teleconference via conference call on Thursday, May 5, at 8 p.m. Eastern time. During this call we will discuss feedback from the member forum and touch on future plans. The teleconference will feature updates from the SPS Governing Council Chair and provide an opportunity to hear from SPS members during the open discussion period. Please RSVP by May 2 to receive the information you’ll need to call into the virtual AMA-SPS meeting.

The virtual meeting is open to all AMA-SPS members. Meeting details will be posted on the AMA-SPS website and sent electronically in advance of the meeting to AMA-SPS members who have a valid email address on file. (A toll-free number will be provided for the call.) A majority vote of those present via teleconference will guide the actions of the AMA-SPS delegate on AMA-SPS items of business submitted to the AMA-HOD.

Saturday, June 11—SPS Assembly Meeting and Educational Program
The AMA-SPS will hold its next assembly meeting during the AMA's Annual Meeting in Chicago. Any physicians 65 years of age or older or who are interested in senior physician issues are welcome to attend. Any AMA-SPS member who attends will be considered part of the assembly and may introduce new items of business related to the section's mission and review items in the AMA-HOD Handbook.