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Senior Physicians Section Governing Council Nominations

Become a leader of the AMA Senior Physicians Section

Nominations are open for four positions on the governing council (GC). If you are interested in putting your experience to work, you are strongly encouraged to submit a nomination form.


All AMA physicians 65 years of age and older are automatically members of the AMA Senior Physicians Section (SPS) and are eligible for a leadership position, regardless of whether they work full time, part time or are retired.

Positions Available

Nominations will be accepted for the following positions with terms commencing in June 2016. All positions are 2-year terms (expiring June 2018).

  • Delegate
  • Alternate delegate
  • Officers-at-large (2 positions)


In addition to being responsible for directing the programs and activities of the section, the AMA-SPS Governing Council members’ involvement includes meeting at the AMA House of Delegates (AMA-HOD) Annual and Interim meetings (3 days), and 1 additional AMA-SPS Governing Council meeting (2 days) throughout the year, along with various conference calls and regular email communication.


The duties of the positions are outlined in the Internal Operating Procedures as follows:
The delegate/alternate delegate shall:

  1. Attend all appropriate AMA-HOD meetings and related functions.
  2. Represent the interests of the SPS membership during AMA-HOD business meetings.
  3. Be responsible for reviewing and approving all resolutions going forward from the SPS to the AMA-HOD.
  4. Summarize the actions of the AMA-HOD as they pertain to the SPS.
  5. Monitor and review all AMA-HOD reports and resolutions of interest to SPS.
  6. Any current SPS member is eligible to stand for election provided that he or she has demonstrated experience in organized medicine by having held a prior leadership position(s) at the local, state, specialty society or national level.

The officers at-large shall:

  1. Represent the interests of the SPS as directed by the GC.
  2. Execute assigned responsibilities as determined by the chair of the GC.


An online election will take place in Spring 2016. An electronic ballot will be administered. Only current AMA members with a valid email address on file in the AMA’s system will be sent an email.

AMA-SPS nominations form

The nominee, nominating person or organization must complete an AMA-SPS nomination form by Monday, February 29, 2016. Self-nominations will be accepted. SPS members must submit a nomination form, a biosketch form and a headshot photo (JPEG format) with their application.

Note: Please download the electronic forms to your computer before completing. The documents can be e-mailed to sps@ama-assn.org; or sent by regular mail to the AMA’s address located at the bottom of the nomination form.

Print out a copy of the SPS Nominations Flier.