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About Us

The AMA Senior Physicians Section provides a way for you to remain active and involved with your AMA and the medical community. The purpose of the group is to support projects of interest to the senior physician community, including continued communication with your colleagues, advocacy on behalf of senior physician issues, and ongoing development of member benefits and activities. Any AMA physician over 65 years of age is an automatic member of our group. Your participation in organized medicine throughout your career has helped to define the profession.


AMA-SPS advocates on behalf of senior physicians to ensure that their concerns are heard and addressed. At the 1997 Annual Meeting, the AMA House of Delegates adopted the Council on Medical Education's recommendation that the AMA develop a licensure relief model for retired physicians working in free clinics. The model developed recommends that states adopt legislation exempting retired physicians who practice only in free clinics from the licensing board registration fee, which is often prohibitive to the provision of charity care. This model recognizes the important care provided by retired doctors in free clinics, while also recognizing the need for volunteer physicians to meet other qualifications for practice such as the pursuit of continuing medical education credits.

A copy of the State Licensing & Liability Laws, updated in October 2015, is available upon request. Please sent an e-mail to sps@ama-assn.org if you are interested in receiving a copy.


The American Medical Association Senior Physician Group (AMA-SPG) came into being on June 30, 1994 as a result of official action of the Board of Directors of the American Association of Senior Physicians agreeing to an amalgamation of all of its functions with the American Medical Association. The decision by the Board of AASP was made in order to provide expanded benefits and services to senior physicians and increased efforts on membership recruitment.

Prior members of AASP had their membership carried over to AMA-SPS but it was agreed that any new members must also be members of AMA.

Today, The AMA-SPS today is the largest senior physician group in the United States.

Governance and Mission

The Senior Physicians Section Governing Council is a seven-member group elected by the SPS membership. The SPS GC directs the programs and activities of the Senior Physicians Section. All AMA physicians 65 years of age or older are members of the SPS. Information on open positions will be available in November 2013. Applications for positions will be accepted beginning in January 2014.

Internal Operating Procedures (Updated 04/15)

Mission Statement

With an aging population and shortage of physicians facing America, the Senior Physicians Section will work to engage senior physicians (age 65 and above), both active and retired, to ensure high quality care and safety for patients by collaboration with other stakeholders in the changing health care system. The SPS identifies the needs and desires of senior physicians and advocates on their behalf.

SPS Governance
A roster of the Governing Committee of the AMA Senior Physicians Section