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Graduate Medical Education (GME) Financing Resource Page

GME refers to the post-medical school, hands-on training a physician must complete in order to become a board-certified physician. This training is generally completed in a residency or fellowship program and is funded mostly by government health programs, including Medicare, Medicaid, and the VA. This funding comes with specific rules and requirements you should learn before beginning your post-medical school training. Decisions you make today can affect your training (and available funding) for years to come. Below you will find resources to help you navigate GME training.

GME Funding in the News:

How does my residency funding work? What do I need to know before I begin training?

What student loan repayment options are available to me during and after my GME training?
What is the role of a resident / fellow physician?
Why are resident and fellow physicians important in our healthcare system?
How can I advocate for the preservation of GME funding?

  • Government funding for GME is often in jeopardy of being cut or eliminated entirely. Medical students, patients and physicians who are concerned about protecting GME slots to reduce the physician shortage can contact their elected officials through a new website, www.SaveGME.org. The website also contains resources and fact sheets on GME funding and why it is important.

What is the AMA doing to support GME?
More resources on GME funding