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Resources for physicians entering into an employment contract

The AMA has numerous valuable resources for its members to help you negotiate the best contract possible. Resources include:

Model Contract Agreements with Sample Copy: Annotated employment agreements, complimentary to members, provide thorough descriptions of basic contract terms typically found in agreements, as well as in-depth explanations of the significance of such provisions and language that benefits the physician employee.

  • Model Physician-Group Practice Employment Agreement: The Annotated Physician-Group Practice Employment Agreement is written to assist physician-employees who are entering into employment contracts.
  • Model Physician-Hospital Employment Agreement: The Annotated Hospital Employment Agreement addresses the specific needs of physicians who are preparing to negotiate an employment contract with a hospital, academic center or related entity.

Contracting Webinars: Numerous members-only educational webinars and vodcasts are available to provide presentations that you can access at your convenience. Topics include:

Additional webinars can be found online in the AMA webinar archives and in the "Succeeding from Medical School to Practice" video library.