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AMA-RFS Annual & Interim Meetings

Next Meeting
AMA-RFS 2015 Interim Assembly Meeting, November 12-14
Atlanta, GA

Past Meeting
A-15 Chair's Message

General Meeting Information

AMA-RFS 39th Interim Assembly Meeting

November 12-14, 2015
Atlanta, GA

American Medical Association (AMA) Resident and Fellow Section (RFS) Annual Assembly Meeting is your opportunity to voice your concerns, share ideas, develop leadership skills and form coalitions to affect positive change.


AMA-RFS 39th Interim Assembly Meeting

Please check back for registration information.


AMA-RFS 39th Interim Assembly Meeting

Please check back for agenda information.

I-15 Education Sessions

Please check back for I-15 education sessions.

Housing and Airline Information

AMA-RFS 39th Interim Assembly Meeting

Please check back for housing and airline information.

Convention Committee Applications

Please check back for convention committee applications.

Submitting Resolutions to the RFS Assembly

We require that you research current AMA and AMA-RFS policy for your resolutions, state whether or not pertinent policy exists and cite this policy in your resolution. You can visit the AMA Policy Finder and then find detailed information on how to write a resolution. For assistance with AMA policy or other aspects of your resolution, contact AMA-RFS staff at (312) 464-2421.

Virtual Reference Committee

At the 2015 Interim meeting, the RFS will continue its Virtual Reference Committee (VRC) to complement its in-person Reference Committee. The VRC is a response to the increase in resolution submissions, and it will enable residents and fellows to access, view and comment (or “testify”) on items of business in advance of the meeting.

All comments will be considered by the Reference Committee, who will write its report based on the totality of testimony presented both virtually and on-site. This report serves as the basis for extraction, discussion, and voting at the RFS Assembly. The Virtual Reference Committee offers two benefits. First, it allows for additional testimony and programming during the Meeting. Second, the VRC gives interested delegates and other RFS members equal opportunity to provide testimony regardless of their ability to attend the meeting.

Comments to the VRC should be prepared as if they are being presented to the Reference Committee in-person and should address the item under consideration and include specific suggestions for changes, if appropriate. Comments should not be directed at previous comments or individuals. Also, since your community username may not necessarily be your full name, please sign all comments with your full name. If you list your position or residency institution, note that you are doing so in an individual capacity. Only list your state or specialty society if you have permission to speak on behalf of that group. The 2015 Annual Meeting Virtual Reference Committee is now open!

Questions, please contact AMA-RFS staff at (312) 464-2421.

Reference Committee Report
AMA-RFS 39th Annual Assembly Handbook

View the AMA-RFS 39th Annual Assembly handbook here.

Program Director Letters and Meeting Evaluation

If you would like a letter from the Chair of the RFS Governing Council to be sent to your Program Director(s) to thank them for allowing you the time to participate, fill out this Program Director Letter request form.