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Rules Of Order Of RFS Business Meeting

Resident and Fellow Section
Rules of Order of the Business Meeting

  1. The Speaker shall preside over the Business Meeting or the Chair shall delegate that responsibility to another member of the Governing Council.
  2. The Representative Assembly of the AMA-RFS shall be composed of resident physicians who are designated delegates and serving in training programs approved by the Association. They must be members of the AMA. Observers and others are welcome but can not participate in debate except with permission of the Chair. Only delegates or their temporarily credentialed alternates shall vote.
  3. Resolutions may only be submitted by individual delegates, credentialed alternates, or delegations. Resolutions must be received in writing by a time determined by the Chair, otherwise, they will be considered late resolutions, subject to the rules for submission of late resolutions.
  4. All items of business shall be considered on a Consent Calendar unless individual items are extracted at the start of the reference committee report.
  5. The author of the resolution should specify if the issue is to be forwarded for consideration by the AMA House of Delegates (AMA-HOD). Otherwise, all resolutions will be considered as AMA-RFS business only.
  6. A delegate or credentialed alternate of the Assembly wishing to obtain the floor, shall approach the nearest microphone, wait to be recognized, address the Chair, and give his or her name and affiliation before speaking on the issue.
  7. Decorum in debate is expected.
  8. Debate must be germane to the issue under discussion.
  9. No one shall speak more than once on a single issue or separate motion until all who wish to speak have been heard, and no more than twice, without permission of the Chair or upon approval by a majority of the Assembly.
  10. Debate on an issue must be completed before another issue can be introduced.
  11. The debate shall be limited to three minutes per speaker. This limitation may be waived only by permission of the Chair or a 2/3 vote of the Assembly.
  12. The overall debate on any single issue shall be limited to no more than 15 minutes, provided both sides have been represented on the debate, except by permission of the Chair or a 2/3 vote of the Assembly.
  13. Only delegates or their credentialed alternates can participate in debate on the Assembly floor. A delegate or alternate delegate must wear his or her badge with a credentialing sticker at all times.
  14. Any amendments more than 3 words long shall be presented to the Secretary in writing on the forms provided, before they are placed on the floor.
  15. Voting shall be by voice and/or a showing of hands, except where the Chair or a delegate calls for a division of the Assembly, in which case a hand vote shall be taken.
  16. Pagers and cell phones must be set on silent mode or turned off.
  17. Sturgis is our Parliamentary authority.

Effective April 1993
Revised January 2006/cn