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Join the AMA-RFS Listserv

Join Our Listserv!

The Resident and Fellow Section provides a forum for Resident & Fellow Physicians to receive information about leadership opportunities, grants and career resources. Moreover, this listserv provides a forum to discuss policy, advocacy and governance issues that impact residents, fellows and their patients.


  1. You must be a resident, fellow, or a fourth year medical student transitioning into a residency.
  2. No campaigning on the Listserv without written permission from the RFS Speaker
  3. No solicitation of any kind will be permitted. This includes:
  • The promotion of any type of product, service or website, regardless of profitability.
  • Requests for assistance to obtain placement in a residency program, internship or externship.
  • Requests for legal advice.

By signing up for the listserv, you agree to respect these rules or you will be unsubscribed.


  1. If you want to share something with an individual, forward the message and enter the person's name.
  2. Using reply will send your e-mail to everyone on the listerv

To sign up for the RFS Listerv, please send us an email.