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Contact the AMA-RFS

American Medical Association
Resident and Fellow Services

330 North Wabash Avenue         
Suite 39300
Chicago, Ill. 60611-5885

RFS Staff

Rosa Karbowiak, MBA - Director
Phone: (312) 464-4748
Email: rosa.karbowiak@ama-assn.org

Chelsea Homer, JD, LLM - Policy Analyst
Phone: (312) 464-2421
Email: chelsea.homer@ama-assn.org

Krystal White, MBA - Program Administrator
Phone: (312) 464-4978
Email: krystal.white@ama-assn.org

Questions? Comments? Interested in joining our listserv?
Email: rfs@ama-assn.org

If you have comments or stories to share with your colleagues, visit the RFS Facebook page!