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Leadership Opportunities

Applying for Leadership Positions

Applications for leadership opportunities are considered complete when all materials associated with applying for the position are received by the RFS by the posted deadline. The materials usually require (in addition to the application) a statement of interest, CV, and signed statement that the applicant has reviewed the AMA Conflict of Interest Policy and Principles. Incomplete applications may not be considered. The process of how these positions are filled varies depending on the position.

Access the AMA-RFS leadership guide for more information on AMA’s system of governance and policymaking process.

Please send all application material to rfs@ama-assn.org by October 17, 2016 at midnight CST.

Convention Committees

Credentials Committee
A 3- to 9-member credentials committee shall be composed, ideally, of one member per region as defined in RFS Internal Operating Procedures and one chair. The committee shall be responsible for consideration of all matters relating to the registration and certification of delegates including credentialing delegates for business meetings, verifying a quorum is present and distributing ballots for elections.

Rules Committee
A rules committee shall be composed of 5 at-large members. The committee shall review late and emergency resolutions and make recommendations to the RFS Assembly on whether or not to consider them as business of the assembly. The rules committee shall also be familiar with the Rules of Order such that they can assist residents throughout the business meeting. The rules committee shall also collect and tabulate ballots for RFS elections and count hand votes during the business meeting as requested by the speakers.

Reference Committee
The number and membership of reference committees appointed for each RFS Assembly meeting will be determined by the speakers prior to each meeting. Each reference committee shall be composed of five members and one alternate unless, in the judgment of the speakers, circumstances warrant an adjustment in the number of members on one or more reference committees. Each committee shall conduct an open hearing on items of business referred to it (resolutions and reports), and make recommendations to the assembly for disposition of its items of business through the preparation of reference committee reports for consideration by the RFS Assembly.

Hospitality Committee
A hospitality committee shall be composed of at least 3 members. This committee shall have the responsibility of aiding the speakers and Governing Council in providing an as member-friendly experience as possible for attendees of the conference.

Logistics Committee
A logistics committee shall be composed of 3 to 5 at-large members. The committee shall be responsible for aiding the assembly in performing those tasks to make the business of the assembly most readily available to the assembly. This shall include, but not be limited to, aiding with the use of computers to project amendments and actions for the assembly's viewing, and for an assembly delegate's ease.


Sectional Alternate Delegate

This position is available for the 2016 Interim Meeting Only

All candidates for RFS Alternate Delegate must be resident and fellow members of the AMA prior to campaigning or running for the position. Any resident and fellow member of the AMA is eligible to be nominated to be an RFS Sectional Delegate or Alternate Delegate.