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Standing Committees

Committee on Long Range Planning

This committee works on issues regarding the structure and future of the Resident and Fellow Section. Past achievements include the Internal Operating Procedures (IOP) and the report on Limitations on Candidacy for the Governing Council. Future projects will include IOP language for the upcoming Sectional Delegates to the HOD.

Brandi Ring, MD - Governing Council Liaison

Simon (Semyon) Faynboym, MD - Chair

Michael Knight, MD - Vice Chair

Jessica Deslauriers, MD - Jdeslauriers17@gmail.com
Benjamin Galper, MD - bgalper@gmail.com
Raymond Lorenzoni, MD - raymond.lorenzoni@gmail.com
Wenjia Wang, MD - wjwang@mah.harvard.edu

Committee on Medical Education

This committee works on medical education issues that relate to resident and fellow physicians. The committee will assist the RFS Governing council in developing policy positions, writing reports, and educating resident and fellow members of the AMA about critical medical education issues. The committee members are:

Ryan Ribeira, MD - Governing Council Liaison

Hans Arora, MD - Chair  

Leonid Vydro, MD - Vice Chair  

Adrian Ambrose, MD - adrian.jacques.h.ambrose@dartmouth.edu
Bradley Burmeister, MD - bradleyburmeister@gmail.com
Kathleen Doo, MD - Kdoo888@gmail.com
Megan Gayesk, MD - megan.gayeski@gmail.com
Alexandra Iacob, MD - Sandra.iacob@gmail.com
Maurice Joyce, MD - mfjoyce3@gmail.com
Casey Melcher, MD - cmelcher@alumni.mcw.edu
Ryan Van Woerkom, MD - Ryan.vdub@gmail.com
Nancy Vu, MD - nancy.mary.vu@gmail.com
Joseph Watson, MD - Jwatson1329@gmail.com

Legislative Advocacy Committee

This committee will assist in enhancing grassroots legislative efforts and educating the AMA-RFS on current political issues impacting medicine. A large focus of this group will be to increase participation and involvement in Lobby Day, and the AMA National Advocacy Conference (NAC). In addition, this committee will work on American Medical Political Action Committee (AMPAC) activities. We strongly encourage those who wish to serve on the Committee attend Lobby Day and National Advocacy Conference (NAC). This year, we have focused on providing updates and materials regarding new legislation such as the CARE Act and Sunshine Act. As we turn to the second half of our term, we are planning to author resolutions and organizing activities for RFS members attending the National Advocacy Conference (NAC). The committee members are: 

Steve Lee, MD - Governing Council Liaison

Sachin “Sunny” Jha, MD - Chair

Nicole Lee, MD - Vice Chair 

Amy Ho, MD - Vice Chair  

Dana Block-Abraham, DO - Dana.block.abraham@gmail.com
Burton Brooks, MD - brooksmd@hotmail.com
Ji Buethe, MD - ji.buethe@uhhospitals.org
Roopa Dhatt, MD - RoopaDhatt@gmail.com
Stephanie Guarino, MD - stephanieguarino@gmail.com
Tracey Henry, MD - henrytracey@hotmail.com
Jeremy Moore, MD - cmoore1@altapointe.org
Shama Patel, MD - Patelss4@gmail.com
Deepa Sheth, MD - Dsheth2@gmail.com
Sarah Weaver, MD - Sarahweaver2013@gmail.com
Christopher Wee, MD - chrisewee@gmail.com

Membership Committee

This committee works primarily on increasing membership recruitment and involvement. The group communicates regularly to share ideas and develop strategies to increase the retention of current AMA-RFS members, recruit new colleagues and increase the participation of all members in AMA-RFS associated activities. Many of these efforts are focused on increasing communication, marketing and team-work with multiple stakeholders, including members of the AMA-RFS Governing Council, AMA staff, other AMA-RFS committees and other sections. The committee members are:

Shamie Das, MD - Governing Council Liaison

Tzvi Furer, MD - Chair

Vanessa Stan, MD - Vice Chair  

Lila Aboueid, MD - Lila.aboueid@gmail.com
Ken Koncilja, MD - Kkonci01@gmail.com
Frank Shin, MD - frank.shin@usd.edu
Jennifer Sprague, MD - jsprague@psych.uic.edu

Committee on Scientific Research

This committee is primarily responsible for organizing the annual AMA Research Symposium, held every year during the AMA Interim Meeting. Committee members review abstracts for acceptance, invite judges, and coordinate all scientific and social events during the symposium. The committee also writes resolutions related to scientific matters and promotes scientific writing by organizing workshops. The committee members are:

Michael Best, MD - Governing Council Liaison

Ricardo Correa, MD - Chair  

Kah Poh Loh, B Med Sci, MB BCh - Vice Chair  

Mark Amsbaugh, MD - mark.amsbaugh@louisville.edu
Awais Ashfaq, MD - ashfaq.awais@mayo.edu
Ammar El Sara, MD - Ammar.sk@gmail.com
Jacob Leivent, MD - jleivent@gmail.com
Kunj Patel, MD - kunj.patel@gmail.com
Eric Wagner, MD - wagner.eric@mayo.edu

Public Health Committee

This committee deals with a wide array of issues affecting public health—domestically and internationally. The committee will assist the AMA-RFS Governing Council in developing policy positions, writing reports, and educating resident and fellow members of the AMA about critical public health issues. A particular focus this term cycle is on helping to establish the AMA-RFS's national presence as both an advocate for and leader in improving resident and fellow trainee's health and wellness.   Additionally, the committee will assist residents and fellows to develop grassroots programs that tackle public health issues in their local communities. Finally, the committee will work with its counterpart in the Medical Student Section to focus on more comprehensive collaborations and longitudinal programming initiatives including but not limited to: maintaining a database of international rotations for medical students and residents,  providing an active mentorship match process, and engaging medical students in other civic and educational opportunities to address public health in its broader context. " The committee members are:

Chris Sudduth, MD - Governing Council Liaison

Olutoyin Okanlawon, MD - Chair  
Ijeoma Chukwu, MD - Vice Chair 

Duc Chung, MD - dmcchung@gmail.com
Yvonne Covin, MD - ync2104@columbia.edu
Raj LounganI, MD - rajloungani@gmail.com
Michael Lubrano, MD - lubrano.michael@gmail.com
Roxanne McMorris, MD - roxannemcmorris@hotmail.com
William Metcalf-Doetsch, MD - Bill.doetsch@gmail.com
Furqan Nusair,MD - furqannusair@hotmail.com
Kei Ouchi, MD - Keionline97@gmail.com
Emilie  Prot, MD - eprot@alumni.nd.edu
Taimur Safder, MD - tsafder@kumc.edu
Neda Sedora-Roman, MD - nsedora@bidmc.harvard.edu
Carl Streed, MD - cjstreed@gmail.com
Russell Tontz, MD - Russell.tontz@gmail.com

Committee on Business and Economics

The CBE is working on issues relating to the business and economics of medicine that residents and fellows face on a national and individual scope. The topic of business in medical training is in its infancy, providing an enormous opportunity for this committee to be influential in the coming months and years. The committee is actively working on a business education video series addressing topics ranging from retirement, loan repayment, payment models and beyond. Cost benefit analysis and opportunity cost calculations are conducted on a range of decisions that residents and fellows make to determine the best outcome for this demographic. Furthermore, fiscally themed resolutions are introduced to the House of Delegates keeping the best interests of residents and fellows in mind while recognizing the evolving nature of healthcare in America. The committee members are:

Tina Shah, MD - Governing Council Liaison

Harb Harb, MD - Chair

Shady Henien, MD - Vice Chair 

Faraz Alam, MD - alamf@wvuhealthcare.com
Abdullah Abdussalam, MD - aabdussa@slu.edu
Naiim AlI, MD - naiim.ali.md@gmail.com
Andrew  Colucci, MD - AColucci@bidmc.harvard.edu
Brian Dubin, MD - brian-dubin@fsm.northwestern.edu
Jared Harwood, MD - jared.harwood@osumc.edu
Sean Moran, MD - Smmoran1@gmail.com
Andrew  Moriarity, MD - andymoriarity@gmail.com
Richard Robertson, MD - rcrober1@gmail.com
Lakshmana Swamy, MD - LSwamy@gmail.com