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Governing Council, Resident And Fellow Section

Travis Meyer, MD

Specialty: Radiology
SUNY Downstate Medical Center
E-mail: travisemeyer@gmail.com

Aaron Kithcart, MD, PhD

Vice Chair
Specialty: Cardiovascular Disease
Brigham and Women's Hospital
E-mail: aaron.kithcart@gmail.com

Brandi N. Ring, MD

Specialty: OB-GYN
York Hospital
E-mail: Brandi.Ring@gmail.com

Nicole M. Lee, MD, MPH

Vice Speaker
Specialty: OB-GYN
University of Mississippi Medical Center
E-mail: nicole.lee.m@gmail.com

Steve Y. Lee, MD

Specialty: Internal Medicine
Boston Medical Center
E-mail: steve.lee2@bmc.org

Carolynn Francavilla Brown, MD

Alternate Delegate
Specialty: Family Medicine
Colorado University - Rose
E-mail: carolynnfrancavilla@gmail.com

Mary Burgess, MD

Specialty: Infectious Diseases
Mayo Clinic
E-mail: burgess.mary@mayo.edu

Tina Shah, MD

Specialty: Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
University of Chicago Medical Center
E-mail: tinarashmishah@gmail.com

Maya Babu, MD, MBA

Member, Board of Trustees
Specialty: Neurologic Surgery
Email: mayababu@gmail.com

Carl A. Sirio, MD

Member, Board of Trustees
Specialty: Internal Medicine
E-mail: carl.sirio@ama-assn.org