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OMSS Policy-Making

The Organized Medical Staff Section (OMSS) Representative Assembly meets biannually -- in June (the Annual Meeting) and in November (the Interim Meeting) -- to deliberate and vote on issues of concern to organized medical staffs. The Assembly is composed of physician members of hospital and other health care delivery system medical staffs that meet the requirements for representation set forth by the Section and in the AMA Bylaws. Business is introduced for the consideration of the Assembly in two forms: resolutions and reports.

OMSS Resolutions

Resolution Submission
Resolutions may be submitted by individual OMSS Representatives or by state society medical staff sections. Resolutions must be submitted to the AMA Department of Organized Medical Staff Services no later than 40 days before the commencement of the Assembly Meeting at which they will be considered.

  • The resolution submission deadline for the 2014 OMSS Interim Meeting is September 27.

Note: A state medical staff section that adjourns its meeting after or less than seven days before the 40-day deadline is permitted to submit resolutions up to 7 days after the close of its meeting. In any event, all resolutions must be submitted no later than 10 days before the AMA-OMSS meeting.

All resolutions submitted after the deadlines described above, but before 4:00 p.m. the day before the meeting begins, are considered “late” and require a 2/3 vote of the OMSS Assembly in order to be considered.

Resolution Writing Resources
The following resources are intended to help guide you through the process of writing a relevant, high-quality AMA-OMSS resolution:

  • OMSS resolutions should be written and submitted on the OMSS resolution template which, in addition to providing formatting guidance, contains helpful hints about what makes for a well-written resolution.
  • View a sample resolution.
  • The AMA House of Delegates has adopted extensive policy on a range of organized medical staff issues. Be sure to search existing policy using AMA PolicyFinder before writing a resolution. In particular, you may wish to consult the portions of AMA policy addressing medical staff issues.
  • Review the OMSS Internal Operating Procedures pertaining to the submission and consideration of resolutions.
  • Please contact AMA staff with any questions about the resolution process or for assistance in developing your resolution.

OMSS Reports

OMSS Reports are generated by the Governing Council in response to referred resolutions or to directives stemming from adopted resolutions. The Governing Council may also initiate reports on topics that it believes should be brought to the attention of the Assembly. Past reports have addressed issues such as peer review, physician employment agreements, hospital accreditation standards and processes, medical staff bylaws and self-governance, and so forth.

The Governing Council also issues reports in response to AMA Board of Trustee and Council reports that respond to items of business originating in the OMSS. These "green" or "double-letter" reports provide the Assembly a mechansm to participate fully in the AMA policy-making process by instructing the OMSS Delegate as to the position he or she should take on the Board or Council report in the House of Delegates.