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Hospital Medicine

Dr. Wilson provides opening remarks and conducts a roundtable at the Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) 2011 Annual Meeting

Cecil B Wilson, MD, Immediate Past President of the American Medical Association (AMA) provided an opening session address for attendees at Hospital Medicine 2011 in Dallas. In addition to his presentation "A National Perspectives for Hospitalists", Dr. Wilson met with more than 60 meeting attendees, including the SHM Executive Board and Committee Chairs during an AMA-sponsored luncheon.

Listen as Dr. Wilson discusses the AMA's perspective and invites SHM members to engage with the AMA as it addresses the new health care trends. SHM Executives and other attendees speak to the need for a much closer relationship between the two organizations to help bring hospitalist issues to the "AMA House of Delegates"

Listen to Podcast #1: Why join the AMA? - Cecil B Wilson, MD

Listen to Podcast #2: The need for collaboration - SHM attendees

Listen to Podcast #3: The AMA's efforts moving medicine forward - Cecil B Wilson, MD

AMA Principles for a Sustainable and Succssful Hospitalist Program