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AMA Conflict of Interest Guidelines for the Organized Medical Staff

Conflicts of interests among the members of a hospital’s* organized medical staff (OMS) are not completely avoidable. The presence of a conflict of interest is often indicative of the broad experience, accomplishments and diversity of institutional decision-makers. It follows that the goal of any conflict of interest (COI) policy should be to identify potential COIs and manage those COIs which are actual and material.

The AMA believes that a COI policy should be prepared with the objective of improving the internal decision-making processes of the OMS. The same COI policy should apply equally to all falling under the policy. To help the OMS in developing a cogent CIO policy, the AMA has developed Organized Medical Staff Conflict of Interest Guidelines.

(*While “hospital” is used throughout, these guidelines may be applied in various types of health care delivery institutions.)

Another helpful resource in dealing with Conflict of Interest is the AMA's Fifth Edition of the Physicians Guide to Medical Staff Organization Bylaws.