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Allied Health Professionals Survey

Allied Health Professionals Survey conducted by AMA Organized Medical Staff Section in cooperation with National Association of Medical Staff Services

During the AMA Annual Meeting 2009, the Organized Medical Staff Section (OMSS) proposed a study of how hospital medical staffs integrate and monitor the activities of allied health professionals with regard to patient care, safety, quality and ethical issues (Resolution 16 - Organized Medical Staff's Relationship to Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners, A-09).

The AMA's House of Delegates adopted Resolution 736 in support of the OMSS proposal. In response, the OMSS develop a survey entitled, Allied Health Professionals and Medical Staff. The survey was conducted in cooperation with the National Association of Medical Staff Services (NAMSS). An electronic survey was launched on May 13, 2010 and remained open until July 6, 2010. NAMSS publicized the survey via an electronic communication to 4300 members. A total of 439 surveys were completed yielding a 10% response rate.

Key findings

  • 85% of the responding hospitals were nongovernmental with 15% investor owned
  • 88% were community hospitals
  • 94% of the hospitals were accredited
  • Chiropractors practiced in 5% of the responding hospitals
  • Nurse anesthetists (90%), nurse practioners (91%), nurse midwives (93%) and physician assistants (94%) were typically under the supervision of MD/DOs and credentialed and privileged by the medical staff as were podiatrists and dentists
  • Nurse anesthetists (10%), nurse practitioners (12%), nurse midwives (13%) and physician assistants (12%) were members of the medical staff
  • In the majority of hospitals the quality of care provided by nurse anesthetists, nurse practioners, midwives and physician assistants were reviewed by the medical staff
  • With the exception of psychologists and surgical assistants most clinical assistants were not reviewed and approved by the medical staff

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