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Get Involved

Become an OMSS Representative
To certify an OMSS representative from your hospital medical staff or other physician organization, complete the certification form and send it to us by mail: AMA Organized Medical Staff Services, 515 N. State Street, Chicago, IL 60654 or by fax: (312) 464-5845.

Become a Leader
The AMA OMSS offers its representatives a variety of opportunities to develop and demonstrate leadership skill. At each Assembly meeting, the OMSS provides medical staff leadership training and opportunities to serve as an officer, committee member, or spokesperson for the Section. Each assignment comes with certain responsibilities.

Get Involved in Your State
The AMA OMSS receives valuable leadership support from state medical associations. Their Section and Caucus chairs and liaisons assist in the advocacy and communication of issues, strategic planning initiatives, and OMSS recruitment.

Disseminate AMA Policy Related to Incident-Based Peer Review
In accordance with AMA directive D-375.992, "Principles for Incident-based Peer Review and Disciplining at Health Care Organizations," the AMA requests your help in disseminating AMA policies related to principles for incident-based peer review.