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Purpose, Mission and Commitment

Mission and Vision Statement

A. Mission Statement. AMA Bylaw 7.01 defines the mission of the AMA Sections as follows:

  1. Involvement. To provide a direct means for membership segments represented in the Sections to participate in the activities, including policy-making, of the AMA.
  2. Outreach. To enhance AMA outreach, communication, and interchange with the membership segments represented in the Sections.
  3. Communication. To maintain effective communications and working relationships between the AMA and organizational entities that are relevant to the activities of each Section.
  4. Membership. To promote AMA membership growth.
  5. Representation. To enhance the ability of membership segments represented in the Sections to provide their perspective to the AMA and the House of Delegates.
  6. Education. To facilitate the development of information and educational activities on topics of interest to the membership segments represented in the Sections.

B. Mission specific to the OMSS. The AMA Organized Medical Staff Section (OMSS) provides a direct and ongoing relationship between the AMA and medical staff organizations. The Section debates issues and develops policy that influences the complex and rapidly changing environment within which our nation's hospitals and other delivery systems operate. Specifically, the OMSS:

  1. Develops and nurtures medical staff leadership within the policy-making structure of the AMA, as well as state and county medical associations.
  2. Provides a forum to discuss timely and often controversial issues, solve problems, and avoid polarization of medical staffs.
  3. Identifies the implications of future trends, and the role of medical staffs individually and collectively.
  4. Serves as a clearinghouse for issues pertinent to medical staffs.
  5. Works to strengthen the self-governing medical staff.
  6. Provides medical staff leaders with a contact point to receive timely information, as well as AMA source materials and services.

Constitution and Bylaws of the American Medical Association 7.00 Sections
AMA Organized Medical Staff Section Bylaws

Members and process
AMA-OMSS information on representatives and alternates