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OMSS Election Procedures

IV. Elections

Members of the OMSS Governing Council shall be elected as follows:

A. Time of the Election
Elections shall be conducted at annual OMSS Business Meetings.

B. Vacancies
A deadline of 60 days prior to the OMSS Business meeting shall be established for the notification of a vacant position to be filled on the Governing Council. If a vacancy occurs on the Governing Council during the 60 days prior to the Business meeting, or during the Business meeting, the vacancy shall remain open until the next Business meeting when a formal election to fill the balance of the vacant position's term of office shall be held.

C. Nominations
A deadline of 30 days shall be established for the receipt in the Department of Organized Medical Staff Services of the nomination application from individuals declaring their candidacy for a position on the Governing Council. Any nomination form not received 30 days prior to the meeting will not be included in the advance OMSS Handbook. All candidates for office shall be urged to provide adequate information regarding their background, experience and qualifications for office by completing the application form adequately and meeting the deadline for including the application form in the advance OMSS Handbook. Nominations from the floor shall be allowed to assure to the fullest the democratic nature of the selection process.

D. Eligibility
Each candidate for a position on the Governing Council shall offer his/her name for only one position in any given election.

E. Campaign Materials
Candidates shall submit a sample of their election campaign materials to the OMSS staff before distribution.

F. Method of Election

  1. Nominations for election shall occur at the Business Meeting on Friday morning. If elections are uncontested, the Chair shall solicit nominations from the floor. If there are no nominations from the floor, candidates shall be elected by acclamation. The total minutes allocated to each candidate for nomination, seconding and addressing the Assembly shall be four minutes. Candidates for office shall be encouraged to address the Assembly during that four minute period.
  2. Contested elections shall occur at polling places outside the Business meeting room on Saturday morning. Election results shall be announced as soon as they are available. If no candidate receives a majority of votes, the run-off election will occur between the two candidates receiving the most votes. Tellers will distribute ballots to the Assembly. Run-off election results will be announced as soon as they are available.
  3. The Tellers Committee shall oversee the election process, assuring that credentials are verified and ballots are appropriately distributed, collected and tallied. The chair of the Tellers Committee will verify and transmit the election results to the Chair of the Governing Council.