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Working to support the issues and interests important to our members...

Keith Voogd

Keith Voogd

Director, Organized Physician Practice Sections
Phone: (312) 464-4539
Fax: (312) 464-2450

Kathryn Pajak

Kathryn (Katie) Pajak, MEd

Program Development Administrator
Phone: (312) 464-5450
Fax: (312) 464-2450

Georgianne Cooper

Georgianne (Gigi) Cooper

Staff Assistant

Phone: (312) 464-5622
Fax: (312) 464-2450






Health Law Division
Phone: (312) 464-7521

General department responsibilities

Support the needs of the Organized Medical Staff Section (OMSS) through activities, products, and services.


Assist in policy development and other advocacy initiatives.


Build stronger relationships between the AMA and hospital medical staffs by encouraging representation in the Section, fostering two-way communication, and providing networking opportunities.


Advocate OMSS positions and AMA policy as appropriate with other AMA departments, government agencies, and health care organizations.


Develop and host education programs that address current issues in health care, medical staff leadership, health care quality improvement, and patient safety.


Counsel medical staffs and help them solve problems.


Serve as a repository for information on medical staff-related issues.