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Organized Medical Staff Section

The Organized Medical Staff Section is the Section of the AMA that is the advocate, voice and resource for physicians who are members of the medical staffs and other organizations.

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2014 AMA-OMSS Annual Meeting
The 2014 AMA-OMSS Annual Meeting was held June 5-7 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. Visit the Annual Meeting webpage to read more about the meeting.

AMA Submits Comments on Hospital CoPs Final Rule
On June 3, the AMA sent a letter to CMS regarding the recently released final rule on the Conditions of Participation for Hospitals. Under the final rule, which is scheduled to become effective July 11, a multi-hospital health system would be permitted to have a single, integrated medical staff. Additionally, the final rule replaces a requirement that the hospital governing body include a member of the medical staff with a requirement that the governing body "consult" at least two times per year with the medical staff.

In its letter, the AMA requests a one-year delay of the implemenation of the rule, arguing that medical staffs need more time to prepare and that CMS must provide guidance on a number of issues before the rule can be implemented. Regardless of CMS's response, the OMSS will continue to develop resources to help medical staffs inform their membership on how to best influence the path forward (i.e., to join or not join a system-wide medical staff) and to best structure consultations with the governing body.

Save the Date - OMSS Representative Quarterly Conference Call
The next OMSS Representative Quarterly Conference Call will be held Tuesday, September 9, at 7:00 p.m. CDT. Registration for the call will open in late June.