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Physician Interview Project

The American Medical Association Minority Affairs Section (AMA-MAS) in collaboration with the Commission to Eliminate Health Care Disparities (CEHCD) is pleased to present the Physician Interview Project (PIP).

Did you know that a little over 9% of all US physicians are African-American, Hispanic, American Indian, Native Hawaiian, or Alaskan Native? While almost 30% of the patient population are from these racial and ethnic groups.

By analyzing trends among minority physicians as to what helped guide them in their career paths, the Physician Interview Project aimed to ascertain specific determinants that have proven successful in assisting minority students towards a successful career as a physician.

With active participation from a diverse group of physicians, residents and medical students, the PIP uncovered some of the factors that influenced minority physicians to pursue medicine as a career. Additionally, the PIP examined how participants were able to sustain their interest in medicine and looked at the financial factors associated with attending medical school. Volunteers were asked a set of questions and instructed to record their responses on a camcorder.

View the video collection.

The AMA-MAS and the CEHCD would like to thank the following participants for their contributions to this project.

Click on the links below to view the entire interview from each doctor.

Ms. Kali Cyrus

Mr. Gerard Limerick

Alice Coombs, MD

Kevin Goodluck, MD

Danielle Armas, MD

Christopher Harris, MD

Fatima Cody Stanford, MD

Nestor Ramirez-Lopez, MD

Ameth Aguirre, MD

Kevin Means, MD

Email the AMA-MAS and let us know how you are attracting the next generation of minorities in medicine.