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Culturally Effective Health Care

The American Medical Association has products that specifically cover issues regarding the delivery of culturally effective health care. A few of them are listed below. We encourage you to also visit the other sections of this website for additional information on cultural competency issues.

Forum Presentation- "A Primer on Cross Cultural Competence: The Hispanic Perspective"
The AMA Minority Affairs Section and the AMA Medical Student Section's Minority Issues Committee sponsored a forum at the AMA's Annual Meeting in June 2003. The slide presentation from this forum that included information on the current health status of Latinos in the US and practical information that can assist medical students in providing culturally effective health care to their future patients is available online for AMA members.

View the slide presentation

Delivering Culturally Effective Health Care to Adolescents
This publication was designed to enhance understanding of the impact of culture on the health status of adolescents and to assist physicians and their health care colleagues in providing the best possible care for their patients. Chapters include information on the elements of culture, adolescent development, communicating with adolescents and their families, determining cultural effectiveness, and special issues such as diversity in medicine. The volume was produced with by the AMA with support from the US Maternal and Child Health Bureau through a cooperative agreement (MCU 17A304). For more information on this publication email the AMA Child and Adolescent Health Program.