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AMA-MAS Resolution Virtual Reference Committee

We are pleased to announce that the virtual reference committee for the 2014 AMA-MAS Annual Meeting is open for comment. Testimony for AMA-MAS members will be accepted until midnight Central Standard Time (CST) on Monday, March 31. After that date, staff will compile testimony submitted on the site and forward it to the AMA-MAS Governing Council in order to finalize these resolutions. Final versions of the resolutions will be sent to MAS members for ratification (April 7-14). Ratified MAS resolutions will be submitted to the AMA House of Delegates by April 30. Please email mas@ama-assn.org or contact Abu Muhammad at (312) 464-4335 should you have questions.

Resolution 1: Elimination of Tobacco Products sold by National Retailers

Resolution 2: Social Media Guidance