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Materials from AMA-MAS Events

The following materials are from MAS-sponsored events and AMA activities related to health care disparities and diversity in medicine. If you have questions regarding the materials below please email us.

The AMA-MAC Disposition of Actions from the AMA Interim meeting in Nov. 2007

Presentation from the MAC Leadership Program, June 22, 2007
California's Network of Ethnic Physician Organizations

MAC disposition of actions from the 2007 Annual Meeting of the AMA House of Delegates

MAC highlights from the National Medical Association (NMA) Annual Convention and Scientific Assembly in August:

  • AMA president, Dr. Davis addressed the NMA House of Delegates on the AMA's efforts to address health care disparities, including discussion on fine-tuning existing pay-for-performance policies, the Doctors Back to School (DBTS) program, and efforts to provide healthcare insurance for low income populations.
  • A DBTS visit was conducted at the Mililani Middle School. Members of the AMA and NMA spoke to approximately 200 students to encourage them to pursue a career in medicine.
  • MAC Governing Council Member, Sandra Gadson, MD, was honored with a Service Award from the NMA.

First Annual MAC Caucus
The MAC held its first MAC Caucus on June 11, 2004 at the AMA's Annual Meeting in Chicago. MAC members and Annual meeting attendees were invited to attend. The Caucus included a special guest presentation by Dr. Lonnie Bristow, chair of the IOM Committee on Ensuring Diversity in the US Healthcare Workforce and past president of the AMA. AMA members can view the power point slide presentation below. (Please note that in order to view the presentation you must have MS Power Point and be an AMA member.)

View Dr. Lonnie Bristow's presentation at the First Annual MAC Caucus.

MAC Forum- " A Critical Look at Obesity in Minority Communities"
The MAC co-sponsored a forum for all AMA Interim meeting attendees on December 5, 2003 in Honolulu, Hawaii. The forum explored the complex issue of obesity with a focus on understanding and preventing obesity across cultures, ages and gender. View the following panelist presentations:

Adriann Begay, MD- View this testimony

A Primer on Cross Cultural Competence: The Hispanic Perspective
The MAC and the Medical Student Section's Minority Issues Committee sponsored a forum called "A Primer on Cross Cultural Competence: The Hispanic Perspective" at the AMA's Annual meeting in mid-June 2003. AMA members can view slides from this presentation online.