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Involvement Opportunities

There are many ways your section can get involved in your medical school, in the community, and in the activities of organized medicine.

Community Service Opportunities

National Service Project
Every two years, the AMA-MSS chooses a National Service Project (NSP) theme around which to focus its community service activities. The AMA Healthier Life Steps™ program was selected as the NSP theme for 2009-2012. All AMA medical student sections are encouraged to hold at least two NSP-related events each academic year.

Student-run free clinics
Medical student-run free clinics provide services to underserved and indigent populations and give students the opportunity to work within a clinical setting with physicians and foster a learning environment. The AMA-MSS has compiled information to help you get your school's free clinic up and running.

Doctors Back to School
The AMA Doctors Back to School (DBTS) program send physicians and medical students to local schools and community centers to encourage children from underrepresented minority groups to consider medicine as a career option. Learn more about how you and your section can become involved in this excellent program.

More community service project ideas

Advocacy Opportunities

National Meetings
The AMA-MSS meets twice each calendar year (in June and November). These meetings give students the opportunity to participate in shaping the future health care environment through the creation of policy on national health care issues. National meetings also offer educational programs to complement your medical school curriculum, the opportunity to make a difference in the community by participating in a National Service Project event, and the chance to see old colleagues and make new friends.

Region Meetings
Each of the seven AMA-MSS Regions comes together once a year for an educational and social program designed to increase regional cohesiveness and the visibility of the MSS.

American Medical Association Political Action Committee (AMPAC)
AMPAC is the bi-partisan political action committee of the AMA.


The AMA-MSS offers a number of ways for sections to fund their involvement activities, including Section Involvment Grants of up to $500 per project. Visit the Funding and Finances page to learn more about fundraising.