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Starting a New AMA medical student section at your medical school

Thank you for your interest in starting or re-establishing an AMA medical student section at your medical school. The information outlined below is intended as a starting point only. Please refer to the AMA-MSS Guide to a Successful AMA medical student section at your medical school or contact the AMA-MSS for detailed instructions on how to start and maintain an effective section at your school.

Eligibility and Application

The medical student AMA members at each LCME or AOA accredited medical school automatically comprise an AMA medical student section at your medical school. As such, there is no application process. You simply need to contact the AMA-MSS and notify us of your intent to begin or re-establish a section at your medical school.

Note: Your medical school may require your section to apply to become an official "club" or "registered student organization" before you can receive school-provided financial or organizational support. Please contact the AMA-MSS if you need assistance finding AMA-related information to include in your "club" application.

Organizing Your Section

Having an organized section allows you and your classmates to make the most of your AMA membership. The organizational structure of the AMA medical student section at your medical school - for example, the number and type of leadership positions - will depend to a large extent on the size of your medical school and on the number of AMA members at your school. However, regardless of its size, your section will need a set of bylaws outlining the structure, the roles and responsibilities of leaders, and the rules by which the section operates.

Please refer to the AMA-MSS Guide to a Successful AMA medical student section at your medical school for a sample set of bylaws and for a list of common leadership positions and their associated duties.

New Representation in the AMA-MSS Assembly

Each local AMA medical student section at the main campus of an LCME- or AOA-accredited medical school is automatically eligible to send one delegate and one alternate delegate to represent the school at AMA-MSS national meetings. Sections at new branch or satellite campuses must apply for representation in the AMA-MSS Assembly at least 90 days before the first meeting to which they wish to send representatives. (Satellite campuses that have previously applied for and been granted representation do not need to apply for representation at subsequent meetings. Contact the AMA-MSS if you are unsure of your satellite campus' voting privileges.)

Getting Involved

Now that you have successfully established the basic structure of your section, its time to get involved in the many community service, advocacy, and other activities of the AMA and AMA-MSS!