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Minority Issues Committee

About the Committee

The AMA-MSS Minority Issues Committee (MIC) is the MSS standing committee dedicated to minority health education, service, and outreach initiatives. The committee works to identify minority needs and increase membership awareness and education on minority issues. This committee works closely with the AMA Minority Affairs Section (MAS).

Committee Goals
MIC strives toward an inclusive definition of minority health, including GLBT, women's, and racial/ethnic minority health. Specific committee goals include:

  • Increasing the awareness of minority health issues and health disparities among AMA members;
  • Increasing the numbers of minority medical students in the AMA; and
  • Increasing productive collaboration with national medical organizations including, but not limited to, SNMA, APAMSA, AMSA, NNLAMS, and AAPI.

Committee Members

Nick Scanlon, Chair
University of Alabama School of Medicine

Ben Mazer, Vice Chair

Ana Mauro
University of Illinois at Chicago

Matthew Edwards
University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

Estefania Santamaria
University of Florida College of Medicine

Sabrina Reed
University of Illinois at Chicago

Rachael King
University of South Florida


Minorities in Medicine module
Learn more about why minority representation in medicine is important and what you as a medical student can do to further this goal.

Increasing Medical School Diversity: A Helpful Guide for Administrators and Students
Learn what your school and local AMA medical student section can do to promote greater student body diversity.

MIC how-to modules
Review these modules to learn more about how to plan a successful minority health-related event in your community.

Scholarships/Awards for Minorities
Learn more about Scholarships available for students of a minority background.

Bone Marrow Registration in Minority Communities
Learn more about how to organize and implement a Minority Bone Marrow Registration Drive.

Links of Interest
MIC has compiled a list of resources and conferences/events for medical students interested in minority issues.